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Posted on July 2, 2024 Two by two is twenty-four…

Acts and Love in Action: BGsEtAl 2024July; Vol. XXV Num.1;
Two by two is twenty-four

Do you know why two by two is twenty-four? “Two people are better off than one. For they can help each other succeed.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9) For almost 20 out of the 24 years we’ve been serving, God has provided us siblings in the USA, Puerto Rico, and the countries we serve that accompany us as we serve. Mission Partnership Teams (MPTs) are a blessing to global servant units and ours are extra special… Read more…

When our MPT was established in April 2005, Betty, Cori, Dick, and Lee were the firsts to join us. Soon after that Dan, Janet, Sue, and Tracy came on board. Then DuRhonda, Oscar, and Yana. And, most recently Jonathan, Kendall, Paul, and Scotty. These 15 beloved siblings are within the USA (and all things English), our Aaron and Ur that continue to hold our arms up year after year, month after month, and ministry assignment after ministry assignment. We meet almost every other month by Zoom and communicate constantly over email and WhatsApp. Their prayerful and pastoral support continues to energize our ministry as we celebrate 24 years of ministry as regional consultants for discipleship in Chile, Spain, Nicaragua, Colombia, and the wider Iberoamerica and the Caribbean region.

As our ministry has expanded throughout the years, an MPT was also established in Puerto Rico in March 2009. Tali, Chili, Loyda, Nelly, and Johnny have been with us since. Angelique, Rubén, and Ruth María also joined us, followed by Berquis and Joey. And, Sandra, Katy (Chile), Ester (Spain), and Laura Erica (Nicaragua) are the ones to join the renamed MPT Latino most recently. We are still waiting to hear from one person in Colombia to have our 15 beloved siblings and each country we serve represented in this MPT Latino (and all things Spanish).

In Mark 10:43-44, the Word says that we, as disciples of the Way, are called to be servants, slaves, bondmen, attendants, of servile condition (δοῦλος). We are global servants serving in our region on behalf of our churches and network siblings in the USA and Puerto Rico. And, as our dear Dr. Samuel Escobar coined the phrase, from everywhere to everyone as He leads, including those from different countries. We could never do it by ourselves, nor do we want to! We are blessed with these 30 siblings who serve the Lord alongside your BGs as MPT members. There’s been changes since the first MPT was established in 2005 yet we count it a blessing for those that have continued beyond the call of duty and those who have joined along the way, including the most recent ones. Each of them, laypeople and clergy alike, brings to the table a zeal for God’s mission as we are all responding together for good in this venture of faith.

As we begin this 24th anniversary enroute to the missionary silver anniversary in July 2025, we are sharing our prayer and commitment card so you can have it handy and can update your commitment to pray and give so we can continue this ministry to make disciples in Iberoamerica and the Caribbean. You can also share it with others around you that the Lord may urge to pray and join us in this task that is also yours…

Our mission now is the same as it was in July 2000 when we began: to love others as God loves them and as we love ourselves as well as to love one another so that everyone will know that we are the disciples of the Way! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is the same as ours, in whatever zip code or address you live in—for the great commission was given to all who follow Him as Lord and Savior so that everyone will know that Jesus loves us and that He is Lord of all. We pray that as all global servants and colleagues from the office gather this month in Colorado for our retreat on this 210th year of service, we can be further woven together into the third century of global missions that God has prepared for us to walk in. We are counting on you being part of the journey as we are of yours!

Pressing toward the goal, “for twenty-four years and beyond”,
your BGs Et Al (

# # #

A word from your BGs Et Al MPT’s Convener

Rev. Dick Sharber, Hamburg Baptist Church, New Jersey

Dear Mission Friends,

Here’s a story behind the story. Your BGs reflect on their “Mission Partnership Team” made up of friends scattered between Indiana and Massachusetts and New Jersey, along with a more recent sister team in Puerto Rico and the countries where they serve. It has been a joy for us to serve as a supportive connection in fellowship and understanding and prayer, and by lending a hand in various parts of the work.

And we are glad to have you join us as part of the broader network, through communication and prayer and financial support, as Carlos and Mayra endeavor to broaden their ministry as doors continue to open.

# # #

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