Posted on August 2, 2023 Trusting Your Yes

Have you ever wondered how and what the “yes” you utter to God today impact the “yes” of tomorrow? And how God transforms it in your heart?

In a recent conversation and preparation of the heart and mind with one volunteer, she reflected on her faith journey since attending Hear The Call at Green Lake (WI). What was clear to her is that God had sent her where God’s mission was already present. She truly understood more fully how she had learned to trust all aspects of ┬áher “Yes, Lord use me” in all its facets. She trusted it one step at a time.

The staff and volunteer Special Assistants with the Short-Term Mission desk prepare individuals and teams to stay God-centered as God’s servants cross-culturally, away from the comfort of home. They learn to embrace Romans 12:10 cross-culturally. It starts at the “hello” and the grace to want to learn, know and dialogue with through heartfelt “hello.” The journeys that thousands of volunteers have walked with the Short-Term Mission desk over these past decades have been in Europe, Asia, Africa, and The Americas. ┬áSince June 2020, we have been able to expand our platforms to include virtual mission immersions and months of encounters. The accompaniment has covered most of the ministry priorities IM stands on, from theological education, teaching, economic development, health care consultation,…

One needs to ask this question: How have you trusted the “yes” of yesterday? How have you been able to share knowledge received and given? What have been some of your heart transformations experienced through cross-cultural experiences?

We would love to hear your stories, your God moments, and how you have been able to carry forward the seeds God planted in your heart, while you lived miles away from home. Have you been able to teach others about water filtration in your neighborhood? Have you been able to read scripture in a new language? Please send us a note at and enable us to continue to honor how and what God continues to do with and through you.