With this celebration is how we initiate the new year here in the Dominican Republic. For the past years I have been giving gift to children less fortunate. In the USA the Holidays is a time for good food, candies and of course Gifts! Here in the Dominican Republic too, but only a few have access to all of it. Many just get to see the “lights” around, neighbors, stores, etc. Christmas Eve is just another day and Santa Claus, who is that? Well I know that Three Kings Day is a great opportunity to make sure that many children have a gift and candies to celebrate the real reason for the season: Jesus is born!

During the year churches send me toys, gifts, for when this time comes, many can be blessed. It is how all these gifts get to them during the festivities.  


The joy of visiting communities and helping take away sadness, poverty, at least for a few hours, is a blessing. Visiting these Haitian and Dominican communities make my ministry and my job as a missionary be one of happiness and blessings. Starting a year with the joy and happy faces of all these children make you say: “Ebenezer, “Thus far the Lord has helped us.” (1 Samuel 7:12)