Posted on May 7, 2018 The Windows

Here is a journal entry from Terri Ketterling, who traveled from Indiana to The Netherlands, to have her heart cry out for many women/sisters she met and walked alongside in the Red Light District.

“As I walked the sidewalks in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), I was in awe of the great beauty of the city. I saw many beautiful historic old buildings, beautiful canals, and bridges. I passed by hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists, from all around the world; aged infant to older adults.

My group eventually arrived at the infamous Red Light District, and that’s where God really touched my heart. I was still in awe of what I witnessed, but my heart turned towards compassion and sadness. The Red Light District is where, for the first time in my life, I saw women involved in prostitution. They were standing in windows being exploited for all to see. There were women of different ages, nationalities, races, sizes, etc. They all wore makeup and looked beautiful, but that was a mask, because the one thing I noticed most of the women had in common was the sadness in their eyes.

As I passed each window, I smiled at each woman. Sometimes it was very difficult to smile because inside I was crying for them. Some smiled back. One woman especially touched my heart. She was so beautiful and looked to be about my daughter’s age. I wanted to go to her. I wanted to help her. Tears began to fill my eyes. Why? What has happened? What trauma has occurred in her life to make her so vulnerable that she has arrived here, standing in a window, selling herself for money? I wanted to tell these women that Jesus loves them, and they are all God’s children, just as I, and He loves each one of us equally.

God opened my eyes, my ears, and my heart. I became aware of so many things I would never have dreamed. I saw businesses selling sex, while others sold marijuana. I smelled odors I have never smelled before, so close to me. I held my breath. I prayed.

Finally, I witnessed some of the people’s attitudes toward the women. I tried having a conversation with a man, trying to explain that most, if not all, of the women were there against their will, and he called me a liar. I would like everyone who is reading this to please pray for the girls, women, boys and men who are being trafficked. Prayer works and “God will fight the evil.” Thank you.”