Posted on April 15, 2024 The Presence of Jesus Among the Kurds

The Presence of Jesus Among the Kurds

May the joy of Easter continue to inspire and guide you, your congregations, and your families as we journey together in our mission. We just celebrated the Resurrection of Jesus as the greatest event in human history. Yet, we are also deeply troubled by the news of turmoil, violence, and despair we are seeing all around us here in Lebanon. But God is writing a different narrative.

Resurrection Church of Beirut ~ A Valued Partner 

Enduring Love is privileged to partner with the Resurrection Church of Beirut through the support of two Enduring Love missionary couple, who are engaged in amazing ministries. RCB is the largest Baptist Church in the entire region of MENA, with three Sunday services; with one worship service broadcast live on SAT 7 across the region, with a wide audience.

In this Newsletter, we will meet a Kurdish couple, Fawzi and Sivine, whose ministry is focused among the Syrian Kurds living as refugees in Lebanon. RCB has a thriving Kurdish ministry, with seven pastors leading on average ninety families each. They also reach many Kurdish seekers through online ministry.


Sivine and Fawzi

The Kurdish Ministries among the Refugees in Lebanon

Enduring Love missionaries Fawzi and his wife Sivine are leaders who are driving these ministries. In addition to a large physical congregation they lead in Dora, they also shepherd a large number of Kurds through online ministry. Fawzi says, “Over the past six months, our ministry has seen remarkable expansion as we extended our outreach to 100 new Kurdish families in Tripoli and
Jbeil, in northern Lebanon. Through dedicated efforts, we have shared the Bible as
God’s Word, fostering deeper spiritual growth and knowledge about Jesus Christ. We continue to engage with them through online platforms, ensuring consistent support and encouragement”.

Pic 2: Sivine training life group leaders on how to lead Bible Studies.

Sivine, not only leads groups in large gatherings, she also visits Kurdish families; ministering to mothers in distress, counselling them to keep the faith, or encouraging them to lean on Jesus. She says, “as I visit and pray with families, especially women, I hear and see their longing to emigrate as an escape from the situation in which they are caught up in Lebanon. As much as I understand their struggles, I pray that they develop a heart for the country where they are residing now. I also long to see them praying for peace in Lebanon and the region. How can we hope for transformation of countries of our region, if we want to leave it?” The Christian witness and presence is essential to transform our Arab countries. And what a great calling God has placed in our hearts for that. Sivine grieves, “recently, some Kurdish families who are trying to emigrate are being scammed and kidnapped for ransom. And I cannot do anything about it. I can only pray and ask people to pray with me.”

Fawzi and Sivine are Kurdish and they live among the Kurdish refugees. They visit them regularly in their homes, encourage them to join life-groups, discipleship training and mentoring groups. They are also engaged in translating leadership curricula from Arabic to the Kurdish language.

Please pray for Fawzi and Sivine and the seven other Kurdish pastors who are facing not only physical challenges living in a crises ridden country like Lebanon, but ministering to comfort and care for others. Pray for their physical and emotional wellbeing. May we continue to pray for all the Kurdish refugees, caught up in despair; hoping against hope they would be the lucky ones to be settled in a third country. May God keep alive their hope, and continue to minister to them. As the Psalmist acknowledges, “your promise revives me, it comforts me in all my troubles” (Psalm 119: 50)


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