Posted on September 1, 2015 The Nest is Empty
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So the nest is empty. As we write this (20 August 2015), our two older ones, Alisa and Silas, are taking their little brother, our youngest, Sam, over to Virginia from Indiana to get settled into college. Tan and I (Scott) are cheering from 10,000 miles away. Though we can’t connect so easy when we are here in Kengtung (Eastern Shan State of Myanmar),when we are back in Thailand, it is such a blessing to have all this technology at our fingertips where we can communicate instantly at any time.

It is fair to say that Tan and I have not been looking forward to this time. We miss them terribly. It’s the start of a new phase of life that will require lots of adjustment, as I am sure many of you have experienced. Of course, I also feel the tendency to panic at trying to keep up with the bills of three in university. But God has been good at every turn. Sam has received a full tuition scholarship at Liberty University. And Alisa and Silas have done very well with scholarships as well. So the bills are not light, but it could be a lot heavier than it is. You don’t know how much a relief it has been to us that so many of you all have been faithful with your support, keeping our support levels steady. Thank you so much.

We do have much to thank the Lord for. We were blessed to have all three of the kids together in Chiang Rai for Sam’s high school graduation earlier this summer. Then Alisa stayed through the summer and worked after the boys went back to work with the family business of one of our MPT members, Chris Albin, in Danville. One special event we were able to do together before the boys left, was to join a family wedding of one of Tan’s nephews. Alisa was a bridesmaid. You’re welcome to get onto Tan’s Facebook if you want to see more pictures of Coats family life at Aphiwan Scott Coats.

As you know, we have been coming up to Kengtung monthly since the beginning of 2015. At one point this year we were given great hope that we would receive permission reside. Since then, though we found out that’s not the case. We have been told to try again after the Myanmar general elections this November. So we continue to work mostly out of Chiang Rai and travel up for short visits – praying and waiting.

Thanks again for keeping us in your prayers. Please come visit some time. It’s kind of quiet in our house these days.

Scott and Tan