Posted on December 21, 2023 The Most Important Thing
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I am often humbled by the faith of the young people with whom I work here in Goma.

Muteule is a senior in high school and attends all his classes in the afternoons. About a year ago when the M23 rebel coalition had their sights on Goma and many among them infiltrated the town, Muteule decided that he would screen all visitors and accompany me whenever I left my office and walked about the campus.  He continues to take those responsibilities seriously, more so now as tensions in town have increased.

When we returned to Goma last month with the many suitcases and trunks filled with laptops, baby layettes, clothes for the children, school supplies, etc., we dropped them off in my office on our way home where they filled half the room.

The first day back to work, I was anxious to begin creating order out of chaos and plunged into the work of unpacking, sorting, and putting things in their place.   As I did so, Muteule came into my office. He simply said, “Maman Ann, before you get too busy can we pray?”

I put down what I was doing, and we prayed together … the work could wait. God has blessed me with the privilege of working with a team of faithful young people who live in an uncertain environment but know the power of prayer. I learn from them and am encouraged by their faith each and every day.