Posted on August 10, 2022 The Matos Mission to Mexico – World Mission Conference Highlights
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A Summer of Support

In June, International Ministries had a NEXGEN Match campaign. It was a great blessing for our ministry support! We thank everyone who gave and are supporting God’s work through mission in Oaxaca, Mexico. Our monthly support grew and we thank God for everyone who has joined us in responding to God’s call.

During the month of July, we were able to go and be a part of the World Mission Conference. The themes were renew, reconnect, restore, and resilience. We renewed our spirits through worship, fellowship, and Bible study sessions. We reconnected with colleagues, supporters, and new friends we made during the week. We felt restored as we participated in a collaborative art installation where each night everyone would add a rock to a river with words or images that connected to the evening sessions. And we heard stories of resilience of how God’s mission stayed working even through the pandemic, and how partners and colleagues allowed God to work through them on the field through many challenges.

Meet & Greet

At the conference we were able to take part in a meet and greet. We sat in different groups and told others about our journey as well as the work we will be doing in Oaxaca. They were able to ask us questions and learn more about what it is like in different countries as well as the challenges that go along with mission work.

Festival of Nations

We took part in the Festival of Nations where each Global Servant unit had a table to show different aspects of their country of service. We were happy to have some tajín with watermelon for people to try, many for the first time. We also had some fun Mexico trivia to further open up the culture to the attendees along with some Mexican candy prizes.

Morning devotionals

During the conference Luis was in charge of leading several devotionals throughout the week. The devotionals mirrored the themes of the conference with an emphasis on renewal and were complimented with poetry inspired by The Sermon on the Mount in Matthew.

Afternoon activities

We hosted an activity of board games with our colleague Sarah McCloy during an afternoon. It was a fun time of fellowship and laugher. It allowed for more time to connect with some of the conference attendees.

Talita Cumi Girls Club

During an evening program Barbara Bolick, Sarah Matos, and Ketly Pierre shared about the impact TCGC was having on young girls in the 6 countries it’s currently been implemented.

Sarah shared a story about one of the mentors in Oaxaca, Mexico (one of the newest locations for TCGC).


What we’re doing now

This is Sarah’s home assignment year as well as Luis’ pre-assignment year. We will be visiting and speaking at churches to thank you all for your faithful partnership in ministry as well as finishing raising our support needed to serve as a couple.

Luis will be finishing his training for a newly appointed Global Servant while Sarah continues to work to support and train women with the Talita Cumi Girls Clubs. At the end of July, Sarah and Barbara Bolick trained seven women in Mexico on Zoom who will train local women to be mentors for the girls clubs in their communities. Sarah will continue to work closely with our new partners in Oaxaca as they begin the TCGC program this year.

Luis continues his language studies online with a tutor before he attends language school full time in Mexico. Sarah continues studying in her Mdiv classes online.

We look forward to seeing and connecting with many of you and telling you more of God’s movement in our lives.

If you would like to have us visit your church and/or small group and hear more, please let us know! These visits can be in person and/or on Zoom! We have a few visits planned for September and October in the Pacific Northwest. We look forward to connecting with you all during this year!

We praise God for your ongoing support and your prayers that sustains us as we visit churches and prepare for service in Mexico!

Support Sarah and Luis

Big news!

In our personal lives we are preparing space for the new member of our family! We will be having a daughter that will be due this December. Prayers for health and safety are welcome.

Thank you for being a part of our ministry and our lives!

Together in God’s mission,

Luis and Sarah Matos

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