Posted on July 29, 2022 The Joy of Working with Women Such as These!
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Let me introduce you to the leaders of Fungua Maisha … a ladies’ group at HEAL Africa chapel who are dedicated to helping other women. Their objectives are:

Every Thursday they hold a church service for all the women (over 200) and on weekends, smaller groups of women meet together in the different neighborhoods of Goma.

Every Monday these women gather to visit and pray for the sick at HEAL Africa hospital. Another day of the week they make home visits … to encourage those who are struggling and who have particular needs. They have their own choral group on Sunday mornings.

Our ‘Goat Project’ has been a wonderful success, blessing women and helping reduce poverty.

It involved training, home visits, veterinary care … and then each woman who was selected received a goat to help support her family.

The gestational period of a goat is 5 months, and they average 2.2 kids a year. These offspring can be used in many ways… to provide milk and milk products for the family (or to sell). It gives them manure to improve crops. As the number of goats increase, they can sell a goat to pay for family needs… housing, school fees, etc.

This past spring, after 10 months, the recipients of the first group of 70 goats turned over their mother goat to another woman… and the cycle will continue for the life of the nanny goat.





It was a blessing to travel far and wide with the women of Fungua Maisha (and our 18-year-old volunteer) to visit each of the recipients of the second distribution of goats. To be touched by the joy of the women… and their stories, and to visit them where they live, many in extremely difficult situations. Every one of them expressed nothing but praise and joy to God for their blessing.