Posted on October 28, 2022 The Gospel of Mark by January’s Connector ELC

As part of their responsibilities as an Emerging Leader, each cohort member will participate in and complete various projects within their two years. The first project that all cohorts will complete is entitled “The Gospel Project.” In January, a small Connector Cohort (young adults aged 16-20 years old) started, and was given their Gospel Project assignment shortly after. This Connector group was assigned the gospel of Mark and given the following two instructions.


The intention behind this project is to create space for these young adults to read, reflect, and interact with their gospel in a unique way. Having the cohort think outside the box when interacting with scripture and learning how to work as a cohort to complete a given task.


The January Connector Cohort chose to represent the gospel of Mark through a video format. The quote below is the Connector’s description of their project.


“Explore the Gospel of Mark through the visual representation of household objects as beloved Biblical figures. The photos and videos were taken by Kaelie Samp and Ricky Smith. The script, Mark, was rewritten by Nicole Buscaglia. And all the components were tied together thanks to Kaelie Samp’s video editing skills.”

-Ricky Smith; Kaelie Samp; Nicole Buscaglia


 The Gospel of Mark