Posted on July 17, 2018 The Bible is Our Story Too

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While teaching a class called “Theology for Peace and Justice,” a student remarked “I never knew the Bible was our story too.” We were studying the ways in which the ancient Israelites had to overcome not only physical bondage in Egypt but also their “internal Pharaoh” as they learned to live as free people. These students, who come from many different ethnic groups, have suffered greatly both because of their ethnicities and their Christian faith. They understand both external and internal bondage but, by studying the Bible and theology they are learning to find hope that they too can learn to live as free people as they help their country transition to democracy.

I am teaching as a volunteer theological educator at the Pwo Karen Theological Seminary in Yangon, Myanmar where I also serve as guest lecturer at the Myanmar Institute of Theology. This is my second time as a volunteer. It will, God willing, not be my last because this country and its people have claimed my heart. Part of the Pwo Karen Theological Seminary’s statement of identity (found on their website at states that they “meet and work hard not only to transform each other’s lives but also to transform their society.” I feel very honored that God has allowed me to be part of this transformative work empowering future faith leaders to be witnesses to the love of God revealed in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit that brings new hope to a hurting world .

If you also feel God’s nudge toward possible volunteer service in Myanmar please contact the Short-Term Mission team at There is lots of good work to be done here!

Rev. Karyn Carlo PhD, short term volunteer serving in Yangon, Myanmar