Posted on September 29, 2022 The Barnabas Project/ Global Peacemakers Mentoring

The Barnabas project is an encouragement program working with new leaders to stand up and facilitate workshops in peace building. As experienced trainers, we walked with 8 young leaders in and around Harare helping each one  organize, design, conduct and evaluate  3 days of peace workshops.

It was an exciting process as we learned different training techniques from the new facilitators. Our process has always been to encourage learning from each other as a peace building process. We believe that no one has a monopoly of solutions, so we encourage facilitators to brainstorm and try any non-violent peace tools. Indeed, our 8 facilitators tried so many new things; we celebrated what worked and improved on what didn’t work and told ourselves “it’s okay!”

Our joy comes from seeing new methods emerge. This is our success, when people are encouraged to learn from global stories and come up with local solutions to local problems.

Tafadzwa, one of the beneficiaries, testified that

 “I am highly moved by the idea of being a trainer who loves his work and seeing participants being part of the teaching process. The Barnabas project encourages me to be free to explore positive  possibilities.”

Thank you for supporting these peace-building programs in Harare and throughout Zimbabwe!

Chrissy and Lance

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