May 18, 2021 Thailand – House of Love Ministry Expansion
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GoalThe goal of this project is to prepare the House of Love in Chiang Mai, Thailand to expand their ministry.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $54,117 for the House of Love staff to be trained & coached, to help resident children be cared for by their own families, and provide ongoing care for children who need to remain at the HOL.
DescriptionThe House of Love was founded in 1995 to provide hospice care for women infected by HIV. Over the years the ministry expanded to care for at-risk hilltribe children. Today, the national staff and global servants Alise & Mark Juanes are sensing that God is moving the House of Love in a new direction that will expand the ministry outside their walls. In addition to supporting the children in residence, they will explore the possibility of reuniting some of the children with extended family, and to increase the overall support of the community - both families and the church—to care for the children safely within their own home. Moving beyond the walls of the HOL in this way will mean that many more children will be served. The change will not end with the children, but has the potential to change an entire family, as they learn to live in the way God desires for all families—in an environment of nurture and support that encourages us to live out our God-given potential. An investment in this ministry expansion will serve to prepare the HOL for ministry in three ways: 1. Training and coaching the staff on how to use their experience with child development and trauma care out in the community. 2. Preparing families to care for their own children through coaching and support as well as connecting them with other at-risk families in the community. 3. Providing basic meals, education and counseling for the children and college students for whom living at the HOL is the best option.
Suggested Gifts$500 will provide 4 months of food and housing for 1 child at the House of Love. $1,000 will prepare one family to be reunited with their child. $4,500 will prepare five families to be reunited with their child. $5,000 will give the initial training of HOL staff to share their knowledge and experience outside their walls. $36,500 will provide ongoing care and education for children living at the HOL and to college students.
Prayer RequestsPray for the staff at the House of Love as they continue to build trust and emphasize the positive things that are already happening in their community. Pray as the staff learn to do community mapping as an initial assessment in the mountain villages and in urban settings. Pray for the residential children who will be assessed to determine if returning to their family is possible and in their best interest. Pray for this expansion which has the potential to change an entire family as they learn to live the way God desires for all families.
Managed ByJuanes, Alise & Mark