August 11, 2020 Thailand – Casket Empty Bible Curriculum
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GoalThe goal of this project is to translate into Thai, the “Casket Empty”, a Bible curriculum that will improve Biblical literacy among Thai-speaking Christian leaders and empower them to teach others.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $23,530 to translate into Thai, the “Casket Empty” Bible survey curriculum.
DescriptionThe Thai church suffers from insufficient access to theologically mature, historically contextualized Bible teaching materials. Translating the “Casket Empty” into Thai will make it available for theological training of seminary professors, pastors, missionaries, evangelists and church leaders. The material can be adapted for students at all educational levels. A team will translate the Old and New Testament study guides and timelines, and translate the PowerPoint presentations used for teaching. A 3-day workshop will be held for 40 – 50 local leaders on how to use the curriculum. The project total cost is $23,530. Funds will cover translation and workshop hosting expenses for this project.
Suggested Gifts$2,500 will pay for a seminar including the promotion, cost for the venue, the coordinator’s fee, meals, interpretation and books. $4,500 will pay for the printing and packaging of the timelines. $12,000 will translate Old and New Testament study guides, PowerPoints, and timelines into Thai. Additionally, the Old and New Testament timelines will be translated into three tribal languages: Karen, Lahu, and Akha.
Prayer RequestsPray that the leaders who are trained in the use of this curriculum will greatly multiply the impact of it in Thailand.
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