IM Consultant for India Development Rev. Dr. David Sagar visits Motherland.


Greetings in the precious name of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Consistent with the avowed vision and mission of Telugu Baptist Samaikyatha, both the desired and the determined objectives were realized during the visit made by Pastor Rev. Dr. David Vidyasagar to both Andhra and Telangana states of India during the summer (mid-June – mid-July) of 2023. The Telugu Baptist Samaikyatha activities held in conjunction with his visitation made a remarkable difference in the life of the Baptist community of faith all across the Telugu states.  Although much planning was done, somehow the cumulative effects of situations and circumstances took a toll on the envisioned trip causing unexpected delays in the preset itinerary. “I deem it a privilege and an honor to serve as the Coordinator for TBS. With our united stand, collective efforts, and fervency of prayers TBS could advance the faith based works in our motherland which is being tumbled, tossed and torn by the countless social issues.” affirms pastor.

On June 27th,  the tour began with the first stopover at the city of Hanamkonda in South India.

June 30:  The Centenary Baptist Church hosted Rural Pastors’ monthly meeting and gave the privilege to the visiting pastor to share the Word. Over hundred Rural Evangelism Pastors and Evangelists along with the elders and the senior pastor participated in the meeting. The CBC actively networks with their satellite churches in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.


July 01:  Visited Satthenepalli Town. The visiting pastor states “We touch based the town of Sathenepalli on our second lap of the journey. It was a 6 hour drive from Hanamkonda to Sathenepalli of Guntur district.”

Pastor Rev Daniel Babu of Sathenepalli had scheduled the laying of the foundation stone for the new church building consistent with their vision and mission.  The atmosphere was replete with festivity and celebration as  praise and worship songs filled the air. The tenor voices of the women enriched the atmosphere furthermore providing a soul satisfying experience to the assembly in attendance. “And, thereafter, we rushed to Narsaraopeta, 30 kilometres of distance, another town in Guntur district.” Concludes the pastor.


Visited Narsaraopet Town:  “The thirty one Spirited pastors awaited for us to reach their town. By 1.45 pm we could reach Narsaraopet. These pastors are from the areas of Baptla, Guntur and Narsaraopet.” says Vidyasagar garu in a tone of contentment.

Mary Kurtz Memorial Centenary Baptist Church hosted the meeting. Leaders like Mr John Jyothi and Ms Alice d/o Late Rev S Benjamin, former General Secretary of STBC officiated the service. “After the lunch break, we held the meeting at 2.30 pm during which time the traditional felicitation was done to the TBS leaders.”  TBS shared its vision and mission with the leaders and pastors of these three areas.  The solemn assembly took recognition of the origin and the direction of the TBS and assured their partnership in TBS activities.  Many of the leaders requested Vidyasagr garu to visit their areas again.

Visited Yallamanda Village: The pastor then travelled south bound to Nellore as Yallamanda village is located on Nellore highway. In a setting where anti-christian groups were digging graves for Christians, the avowed mission of the local congregants was, and is, to raise Altars over their hallowed grounds by their collective fund raiser events. They are raising their church building with their own funds, and the Narsaraopet church is able to support their pastor.  With fervency of prayers, the church construction is expected to be complete soon.

Visited Guruvaya Palem Village: “Similarly, the purpose of the visit to this village was to encourage the congregation in their collective endeavor to raise a huge church, as such, they are undertaking the church construction project.  They are planning to have the RCC roof done in one month and as the Lord wills they would dedicate it in the month of November.

Major support for this project comes from Mr John Jyothi family.  These two congregations are a sure reminder that the Church of Christ is spreading in this country in spite of the obvious challenges.  “It was so encouraging to visit these two towns and these two villages in the district of Guntur and see some historically relevant mission fields.”   People and Pastors were so excited to see the visiting pastor Rev. Dr. David Sagar as they saw him uprightly represent the founding mission: the ABFMS.

“Then again, we resumed our journey by 6.45 pm towards Nellore city. It took 11.45 pm in the night to reach Nellore, my hometown.” Wraps us the pastor in a graceful tone.