Posted on February 7, 2022 Telugu Baptist Samaikhyatha Lecture Series on Baptist Origin, History & Distinctives

Telugu Baptist Samaikhyatha Lecture Series on Baptist Origin, History & Distinctives

Benjamin Chan

February 7, 2022


I will bring greetings on behalf of International Ministries (IM) in the Opening Ceremony of the Telugu Baptist Samaikhyatha (Fellowship, TBS) Lecture Series on Baptist Origin, History and Distinctives on February 8, 2022. David Sagar, IM Consultant for India Development, explains that the Lecture Series is part of the TBS Vision 2022 to celebrate the 178th Anniversary of Telugu Baptist Mission started by American Baptists in South India. As the Telugu Baptists have grown to more than 1 million baptized members, and have brought the gospel to other people groups in the country, the TBS Steering Committee arranged the Lecture Series to help members understand and reflect on the Baptist heritage, and to equip and unite churches to face increasing challenges.

The speaker of the monthly lectures from February to October Rev. Dr. R Joseph is a very well-respected Telugu leader and close partner of IM. Dr. Joseph has served as the Principle of the Ramapatnam Baptist Theological Seminary, Professor of the Andhra Christian Theological College, and the General Secretary of the Baptist Convention of Telugu Baptist Churches. He has played an important role nurturing faithful pastors and developing a new generation of theological educators in India.

David and his TBS co-leader Dr. Wilson Kumar, IM India Relief Officer, joyfully share, “Telugu Baptists take pride of our relations with American Baptists, as well as our unique effort of planting churches and serving our communities, urban and rural. The lecture series will prepare us to another major celebration event on October 10-12 to honor the contributions of Telugu pastors and seminary teachers.