Posted on November 7, 2017 Teaching at the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary

Dr. Karyn & Roberto Carlo have been living on the beautiful campus of the Liberia Baptist Theological Seminary since this past summer. They came to partner with the Liberian community in different ways. Beginning in September, they started teaching three classes: Baptist History and Polity, Introduction to Theology, and Theology for Social Justice. Roberto began his work with the community, painting and otherwise sprucing up the campus in preparation for graduation festivities when new seminary graduates will be sent out to begin their various ministries throughout Liberia, some as pastors and others as Christian educators. We pray that God will be with them and help them to carry out these much needed ministries fully.

“I cannot tell you what a deep joy it is to be able to partner with our Liberian Baptist brothers and sisters at such an important time in the history of their country,” reports Karyn. Liberia has been at peace for fourteen years following a fourteen year war. The deadly Ebola crisis seems to have ended with no new cases being reported. This Fall season presidential elections are in the news. We join our Liberian brothers and sisters in prayer for a peaceful process.

Karyn reports that she is called “teacher,” but she says “I, along with Roberto, are really mostly learners. Although we all serve the same God, the way God shows up in different cultures and nations is always something new and something of a surprise. We feel deeply honored to be in a place where we can witness the transforming power of the gospel in so many different contexts.  Neither of us ever dreamed that our “yes, Lord” which we said at our first “Discerning the Call” retreat would lead us first to Latin America where we served together in Bolivia and Roberto served in Honduras, then to Southeast Asia where I served in Myanmar, and now to West Africa in the fascinating nation of Liberia, but it did and, while the work is not always easy, it is far more fulfilling than we could have imagined.”

God’s nudge and call come to stretch us out of our comfort zone for greater Kingdom Building. To read more about Dr. Karyn & Roberto Carlo’s experiences in Liberia, feel free to go to their facebook page