Tax Receipts from International Ministries

Take control of your records and receipts.

Ways to receive your tax receipts.

Electronic Annual Tax Receipts

As we all prepare for tax time, we have good news. By the end of January, you can download your annual giving receipt securely from your donor portal on the IM website. Want to see what it will look like? You can view your 2020 receipt now—log in or create an account at then select “ANNUAL RECEIPTS” and click the link to download a pdf.

Then log back in at the end of January for your 2021 receipt.


If you have not yet created an account on this website, create an IM account online to have access to your donation history, credit card updating, and annual tax receipts.  You may donate without an online account but when you do, you will see your transactions.

Even if you are enrolled in paperless receipts throughout the year, you will still receive an annual paper receipt by mail unless you elect to make this change. 

If you do not wish to have a paper annual receipt mailed, log into your ACCOUNT, select “EDIT ADDRESS OR ENROLL IN PAPERLESS RECEIPTS” and select “ANNUAL RECEIPT DELIVERY = SECURE DOWNLOAD.” It’s quick and easy. 

Your IM online account gives you a window to your IM donor record.

IM maintains your donor record and giving information for your security. Your IM giving record is different from your online account. When you create an IM account online, it gives you access to your giving record so you can see that your wishes are fulfilled when you send a gift.

If you are not sure if you have an IM online account contact us at (610) 768-2323 or .
We can check and help you get set-up!

You can choose how you receive receipts.

Are email receipts official for tax purposes?
Yes, if you make online gifts, you will receive a confirmation email and within 24 hours get an email receipt. You can still print out an annual receipt if you create an IM online account.

I mailed a check, why am I getting an email receipt?
Gifts by mail will receive a paper receipt by mail if you have not opted for electronic-only receipts.
If we have your email on file, you also receive a copy by email which assures you that your gift has been received, even with postal delays, and an opportunity to verify the funds you selected.