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| Shelter in the Storm

We marvel at this kind of faith and the courage it takes to be a refugee.

| Monique
| Pray for Ray Schellinger, Global Consultant for Immigrants and Refugees and for those who are in the Immigrant Caravan now arriving at the U.S. Border.

I came to hear their stories.
I have spent the last several days sitting, walking, playing, and crying with the members of the caravan. I have been struck by their willingness to just hang out with me and talk. They are hopeful, yet full of questions about what the future holds. They are anxious to get moving again, but at the same time, afraid to leave.

| Refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina

As I have worked with refugees my question has always been: why do humanitarians like Pixi, a non-believer, feel compelled to serve these refugees—the very lowest of the low—living among them and living out Christ’s command in Matthew 25 to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and fellowship with the captives?