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| ¡Gracias!

“There is a close relationship between endurance and gratitude, for the strength to endure suffering comes from gratitude… In order to endure well, we need the power of acceptance. No one enjoys suffering. However, if the suffering is somehow embraced, then it can become a precious treasure… It is gratitude that can transform our sufferings into blessings. Sufferings invite pain, but if we befriend the sufferings and consider them learning opportunities, they lose their power in our lives and can result in a thing of beauty.”

| Interview with Dr. Mike Oldham from ABCRM

Dr. Mike Oldham, Mission & Ministry Coach, from American Baptist Churches of the Rocky Mountains interviews Denise and Juan about their experience as Global Servants in Chiapas, Mexico.

| The Aragon Kids Share about Life and Experience in Chiapas

One of our partner churches in West Virginia, Lubeck Community Baptist Church, asked us if our children, Juan and Ziba, wanted to share in a brief video about their life and experience in Chiapas for a children’s message. Well, they were willing to do it. Throughout the journey as Missionary Kids (MKs), they’ve had ups and downs, and have made significant adjustments to their lives, but we’ve seen God’s hand 🖐🏽 on them. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!👍🏽🙏🏽❤️🇲🇽

Juan with pastor Nicolas and his wife, Esperanza, at Iglesia Bautista Nueva Jerusalem in the Tseltal community of Tacuba Vieja, Chiapas | Power from Beyond Ourselves

This coming Sunday the global church celebrates the Day of Pentecost to commemorate the coming of God’s Spirit upon His people. Our family has been, is and will be praying for you and your churches so that the Holy Spirit continues to infuse us all with power from beyond ourselves to carry His mission and be faithful to our calling as we face this worldwide crisis.

The more obstacles you have, the more opportunities there are for God to do something. ~ Clarence W. Jones | A Journey with “Topes”

In the book of Acts there are many obstacles (topes) that must be overcome for the Gospel to spread.  Fear, language, prejudice, funding, geography, opposition… and the list goes on.  One can easily make the case that these same obstacles still challenge mission today. But as we learn from Acts, there are no barriers to the movement of God’s Spirit! God’s work, God’s will, will be accomplished.

| Trials in The Journey

We know that with this trial God is inviting us to a deeper trust. And we invite you to join us in this part of the journey by lifting us up in prayer so the Lord brings to our path the right medical team that can properly diagnose and treat me and the peace in our minds and hearts that everything will be ok.