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| Flexibility & Openness

“Purpose supersedes death” is a phrase the team from Berea College was given while they served on a short-term mission trip in Nassau during their spring break.

| The Mission of Hope, Healing & Love

Reflections from a small team on a special short-term mission trip to Nassau and Freeport (Bahamas). Seven days to let the Light of Hope, Mercy, Healing and Love to fall fresh on brothers and sisters who survived what hurricane Dorian took away and destroyed.

| Recovery Efforts in The Bahamas

Emotional, spiritual and physical healing will take time for anyone impacted by the September hurricane Dorian in The Bahamas. The churches in Nassau have responded with enormous generosity to some of the physical needs the evacuees face. Teachers, counselors, pastors attempt to attend to the psycho-social needs. The Body of Christ joins hands and feet to be present in light of needs expressed by the Bahamas Baptist Convention.