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Acts and Love in Action: BGsEtAl 2021Sep/Oct; Vol. XXII Num. 02; Surprised…

21 years of ongoing service provides many surprises along the road. Most are pleasant, others are painful. All are covered by His perfect will and loving care. As we see how the tables have turned, from starting this term in Colombia and continuing it out of our Florida living quarters and extended to the Iberoamerica and the Caribbean region, we’ve been surprised by God’s glory and His handiwork in so many places. We could fill more than a page of testimonies and pictures. We invite you to join us on FB and Instagram (BGs Et Al) and our FB group (The BGs Et Al) to see the extended version of this update with plenty more pics!

Who would have said in September 2000 when this journey began in Chile, that 21 years later we would still be in ministry with them through discipleship, workshops, and other opportunities? We’ve been surprised by how the tables have turned. Our disciples are the ones teaching. We are proud of Katy and Beto who were the first two to share. Our disciples will be taking turns to also teach what they are learning and living out.

He has surprised us opening opportunities to even be present with them through workshops–like the most recent one: Eschatology–and through dedicating a baby via Zoom.

After Chile our assignment was Spain. We have been surprised that we’ve been able to stay in contact with the UMMBE ministry (with the women). An article on the topic of “Rest” was recently published in their magazine. It is refreshing to maintain our bonds of love and partnership.

After Spain came Nicaragua and He surprises us as we see Laura Erica boldly sharing our discipleship materials with others wherever she has an open door. The Great Commission at its best: “As you are going…”

After Nicaragua came Colombia and we rejoice in how the Lord never ceases to surprise us through the ministries in The Guajira, in Cúcuta, and in Bogotá. The congregation Capernaum in the Jepein ranchería recently celebrated their 28th anniversary. Pastor Manuel’s first-born daughter had her first-born baby boy on the anniversary of Carlos’ arrival to Puerto Rico. Another bond of love with the Wayuu. In Cúcuta, He surprises us as we see the House of God flourishing and being incorporated as a church and the sewing ministry in FBC interconnecting with the sewing ministry in our local church in Florida (LifePointe Church).

Are you surprised at how much God has been at work through these ministries? Perhaps neither you nor us should be surprised. That is His nature. He excels in everything and is always seeking our wellbeing. We are grateful for how He continues to inspire us through your support, our Mission Partnership Team and Network, as well as how other MPTs and MPNs are supporting colleagues like Jae Stockton who is already in Mexico, and recently commissioned Moise Joseph and the Reeses.

God is very much at work and the World Mission Offering is a great opportunity to join and support this movement of faith. This offering is promoted by our mission society in the months of September and October. You can promote it, receive it, and send it to our offices all year round! As for your BGs, the journey continues as we begin the last year of this term of service. By this time next year, we’ll be starting our US/PR assignment. Surprising, right? Your loving care and partnership are vital and appreciated…

Stretching further toward the goal “surprised by God’s glory”,
your BGs Et Al

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