Posted on September 28, 2023 Summer with the Williams
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Dear Friends,

Thank you for all the support of our ministry and our partners as they work to strengthen the Church in SE Asia.   We had a wonderful summer.  As soon as school let out in June, I commissioned Katrina to come help teach near the border.  We had so much fun teaching together working with the Master’s Program there.  The kids accompanied us for the long drive and found ways to keep themselves busy while there.  We treated ourselves to one of my favorite Burmese restaurants in Thailand, which is somewhere between Indian and Thai flavors and styles.

In July we made a trip to the US for the Conference for Missionaries (CFM) in upstate New York.  It was so life-giving to be with our colleagues.  This CFM was special because all the IM families with children were invited.  Missionary kids (MKs) around the world struggled with isolation during the height of the pandemic.  It was wonderful to see the MKs from International Ministries get together with their peers to play, learn, and strengthen relationships. We are thankful for the kind, caring, and dedicated staff that made this possible for our families.

Just before the conference, we stayed at Kyle’s Aunt and Uncle’s beautiful lake house in Washington. It was a week full of cousins, fishing, jumping in the lake, and late nights.  After two weeks in the States, we returned to Thailand with tired bodies and wonderful memories.

We’re now back in Thailand.  Katrina started back to work at CRICS (Chiang Rai International Christian School) shortly after our arrival.  Their school year was beginning just as the first quarter of my students’ year was ending.  Katrina is currently in week four and between teaching a new class, working with academic success program, and homeschool with Adi and Abram her margins have been narrowed.

We didn’t get to see Ian while in the States because he was fishing in Alaska.  However, his college started late enough that he had a gap between fishing and school to come see us in Thailand.  It was so good to have him with us for these last 3 weeks.  He left a few days ago for the States and starts school on the 18th.

I am planning another class for this coming quarter that will start next week. You can be in prayer for me and our students.

We are full of gratitude for all of you who pray, give, and share your lives with us.  Lives are being changed through God’s love and we are blessed to participate in this kingdom work.

Your co-workers in Christ,

Kyle and Katrina Williams