Posted on February 11, 2018 Stories from Bolivia
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I don’t know about you, but when I’m flying into a new city I love having a window seat to take in all the sights from a bird’s eye view. There is something very special about flying into a city where you know that this is where God has called you and that soon you will call home. Last week I looked out my window as we were about to touch down in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and my heart was filled with joy, excitement, and gratitude. God has been very faithful during this discernment process and I’m beyond thrilled to see what God has planned for me and my ministry with the House of Hope.

“HERE I AM. SEND ME.” Isaiah 6:8

Left to right: IM Global Servants J.D. Reed, Rhonda Reed, Sarah Nash,
House of Hope Directors Carmen Flores Choque and Richard Achu Mamani.

My vision trip matched up with IM Director of Missionary Kid Care, Kristy Fujiura’s visit with the Reed family. It was both our first visit to Santa Cruz, so J.D. and Rhonda showed us around. We visited their kids’ school, the downtown plaza, and just enjoyed spending time with one another.

We went to Cochabamba for a day to help with Sonrisas de Esperanza (Smiles of Hope) Dental Clinic and for Kristy to meet the House of Hope directors, Carmen and Richard. However, due to the heavy rains we had to cancel the clinic. It’s all part of being a missionary, you must be flexible! The rain gave us opportunity to have wonderful conversations with Carmen, Richard, and their girls. It didn’t take long until I felt welcomed back and I felt at home. Carmen and Richard were sharing stories of when I was there with the Ignite team in 2014. And of course, when trying to figure out where to go for dinner the story of me eating guinea pig was quickly retold. Guinea pig is a delicacy in Bolivia, but since I had a guinea pig as a childhood pet it made it difficult for me to try in 2014, but like any good missionary, you eat what is placed in front of you.

It was a short visit with House of Hope ministry partners in Cochabamba, but it was great to know that I will be back soon. We shared many laughs around the table that my stomach hurt from all the laughter. I was inspired by Carmen’s stories of how the ministries of the House of Hope are all growing rapidly. In these ministries the children receive tutoring, meals, and medical and dental check-ups regularly. Children are learning how much Jesus loves them and how he cares for their basic needs.

J.D. and I attended the Bolivian Baptist Union of Santa Cruz pastor’s meeting to be
introduced as a new IM Global Servant to Santa Cruz.

My quick trip to Bolivia was an amazing experience and very productive. I got a glimpse of what life will look like. I was able to look at an apartment, thanks to my colleagues, J.D. and Rhonda Reed for finding it for me! I enjoyed meeting pastors, church leaders, and other missionaries in Santa Cruz. I am looking forward to see how God will strengthen those relationships and open doors for House of Hope ministries for children and women.

Thank you for partnering with me in ministry. I’m very thankful to be currently at 46% (almost half way) of my Personal Support Goal (PSG) that is needed for me to be commissioned and begin my ministry in Bolivia!

– Pray for me as I say goodbye to my co-workers and my middle school students at the end of the month.
– For safe travel as I speak at churches and conferences.
– Pray for the House of Hope to continue to be the salt and light in their communities.
Kristy, Abie, Rhonda, Sarah, Nathan, and Carmen in Cochabamba.
Richard, Carmen, Vivian (Lead HOH Dentist), Liez (Carmen and Richard’s daughter), and Sarah.