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Posted on April 11, 2024 Spain, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Chile, and California with your BGs…

Acts and Love in Action: BGsEtAl 2024MarApr; Vol. XXIV Núm. 9-10;
Spain, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Chile, and California


As foretold, we will try to summarize our most recent missionary journeys. There’s so much to share: first of our trips to Spain and Colombia and then of the trips to Puerto Rico, Chile, and California. There were 45 days in total, we traveled 39,357 miles by air and land, flew in 28 planes and slept in 20 different beds. Only Nicaragua in August is pending to complete this first round… We’re catching up with what we didn’t travel during the pandemic… Ready for this review? Keep reading…

First, we need to decide what to share out of it all. Let’s start with the November trip to Spain. We served in Spain from 2010 to 2012 and were not able to visit any other country around it during that time. On our way to the convention, we made some brief stops in Paris (France), Bastia (Corsica), and Lisbon (Portugal). Our eyes were opened to realities we didn’t know, and it was a very special time meeting in person the paternal family on the island where great-grandfather Giovannetti was born.

While in Spain, we enjoyed the company of those we love in Valencia, such as Dr. Samuel Escobar. The annual session was in Benalmádena / Málaga and for four days we were able to return to the life of the Union, their plans and projects to establish 15 churches by 2030, and to reconnect with those with whom we had served. In Madrid we were able to return to the Seminary (FTUEBE) and learn more about their academic programs and their needs with their infrastructure. We are exploring opportunities to accompany the convention and the seminary through our discipleship encounters. We would have loved to stay like before, but we are grateful that thanks to your ongoing support we can continue returning in person and keep up online throughout the remainder of this assignment of 2023-2028.

In December the trip was to Colombia. The flights threatened to ruin our agenda, but the Lord intervened so that everything worked out; even the reappearance of the missing suitcase with pillowcase dresses exactly where and when we needed it! The trip included The Guajira, Cúcuta, Cartagena, Bogotá, Villeta, and Tenjo. Besides returning to share with those we served in 2018-2019 and with whom we keep up with via WhatsApp, we were able to reconnect with Carlos’ friends and family we hadn’t seen in a while. It was exciting to visit the church where Carlos came to the Lord in 1985 and where Mayra met him in 1988. Pastor Miriam called us up to share our testimony… The Lord provided us again a trusted way to move around everywhere we went.

On December 18, 2023, the missionary world unexpectedly lost a great colleague, the Rev. Madeline Flores-López. In Puerto Rico there were two memorial services (December 30, 2023, and January 2, 2024) where we cried and laughed together as we remembered anecdotes with our dear fellow servant.

During the second half of January we went to Chile, where we enjoyed the company of many we love in Santiago / San Bernardo, Chillán, and Cerro Verde / Penco. The Convention was in Penco and for four days we were able to return to the life of CBN-Chile, their plans and discipleship projects and to reconnect with many we served before. Like in Spain and in Colombia, in Chile we learned of their own challenges and ministry opportunities. It was encouraging to see that many who had been in our classrooms at the beginning of our ministry, are now leading the pastoral board and to recognize that the bonds of love are still strong. We thank God for your support so we can continue returning in person and follow up online through our discipleship encounters during this assignment of 2023-2028.

In February the trip was to California. We were able to return to the Aspire Network conference where we were able to reconnect with our colleagues and others who attended last year, including a teen who is exploring a call to missions. We also visited Christ-First in West Covina where we were able to reconnect sharing Holy Communion in their English and Spanish services. It is always a joy to be with those we love and who love us with whom we serve the Lord in so many places. The hospitality we received is appreciated and a witness to God’s love that binds us together.

To look at Spain and Colombia and to look at Puerto Rico, Chile, and California, is to see and give testimony of God’s presence everywhere and always. There are many ministry opportunities as well as various needs in each country. Which one to tackle first? The Lord owns gold and silver and will give us wisdom to steward the resources available for each need. We ourselves need to reach 100% of our monthly pledge support to have adequate resources for each trip and encounter. We continue to pray with thanksgiving for those who have joined and make up our current 86%, for those who are considering joining us and being part of the remaining 14% we need, and will join in obedience to the Lord’s calling to accompany us through prayer, encouragement, and ongoing support. If the Lord is calling you to support our ministries to make disciples in Iberoamerica and the Caribbean, let us know and we’ll point you in the right direction.

This month all roads lead to Hoosierland for a mission centered multi-regional retreat. May the Lord allow that as you read of each of these international and national missionary journeys, we will continue being of inspiration to you. Let us keep the fire of the Lord burning in our hearts as we learn, live out, and teach the Word of God as the Disciples of the Way…

Responding together for good, “returning and reconnecting”,
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