March 14, 2022 Southern Asia – Economic Development and Business Training
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Economic Development Economic Development
GoalThe goal of this project is to train pastors in basic business skills to develop Christian enterprises in their communities in Southern Asia.
SummaryThis project seeks to raise $117,647 in order to equip 400 current and future pastors in understanding basic business and how to develop business as a mission and provide seed grants of $5,000 each to encourage students to launch Christian enterprises and train others in their church to do the same.
DescriptionThe majority of theological students in Asia come from the countryside. Their seminaries don’t teach how to help rural and underserved communities to develop economic opportunities to improve the quality of their lives. In order to bring forth Jesus’ promise of abundant life, these pastors need basic knowledge or community organization, community development, health care, farming skills and basic business skills. This project offers 2 six-month online certificate training programs to teach theology students and pastors Christian stewardship and basic business skills to create income-generating enterprises relevant to their context. The goal is to equip 400 current and future pastors with the skills they need to nurture their member's spiritual growth and nurture their communities for positive change, economic and otherwise. The need for this kind of training became even more urgent during the COVID pandemic when most rural communities were hit hard and are striving to restore their work and financial capacity. Businesses play a central role in reducing poverty. But how do people without access to funds, training and resources break into the highly competitive world of business? Providing fish is important in a disaster situation, but teaching people how to fish and build fishponds is more strategic in creating lasting change. Participants in this project will learn business theory including the model of business as mission. The second half of the program focuses on the contextual application that produces measurable results. Students will develop a business plan and present it to a review committee who will choose 4 ideas to be awarded seed money to begin implementation. Winners will be paired with mentors to provide counsel during the implementation phase. Learnings from the first year of this experience will be used to develop further certificate programs and possible degree programs in Southern Asia and hopefully in other countries. The total project cost includes $100,000 in seed awards for 20 students each year.
Suggested Gifts$1,000 provides honorariums for 1 or 2 teachers in one class. $5,000 provides a seed award towards the best business plan. $10,000 enables the program coordinator to implement the plan in 2022.
Prayer RequestsPray that this project will inspire current and future pastors to develop their personal and congregational potential. Pray that the businesses that will be started will build the confidence, dignity and self-esteem of all involved. Pray that the award-winning business plans will become models to educate and encourage others to foster change in their communities.
Managed ByLongchar, Wati