Posted on January 26, 2018 Something Old, Something New: The Next Chapter for the International Ministries Brand

During the recent Responding to the Call discernment process, the American Baptist International Ministries (IM) family came together to prayerfully consider and define IM’s identity and purpose in today’s global context. Now, for the first time in nearly a quarter-century, this identity is reflected in a new brand mark and visual style. This branding encapsulates the innovative vitality of IM’s mission and highlights the amazing stories of the work that God is doing around the world.

At the same time, IM has reintroduced the historical seal that was adopted by the organization shortly after its formation in 1814 as the first Baptist foreign mission agency. The seal uses IM’s earlier name, “American Baptist Foreign Mission Society” (ABFMS), and features an ox standing with an altar and a plow under a banner reading “ready for either.” This poignant image symbolizes a global servant’s unconditional response to God’s call: an attitude of readiness for service or sacrifice. Not only does the ABMFS seal reflect IM’s rich heritage, it also represents the commitment to God’s work that IM global servants continue to make every day.

American Baptist Foreign Mission Society Seal

The new logo brings a fresh perspective and energy to IM’s centuries-old mission with a vibrant color and crisp, clean lines. The subtle symbolism of the initials IM stretching across the circle and extending invisibly beyond its edges represents God’s work in and through IM global servants, which reaches around the world and continues beyond what the eye can see.

Additionally, IM made the deliberate choice to use lower-case text in which the letter t forms a cross, such that there are three crosses in the name “International Ministries.” This is emphasized in the logo animation, shown below, in which the cross is the last image remaining on screen, as a reminder that the cross is at the heart of IM’s identity and the reason for its mission.

The IM family responds to God’s call as Jesus taught and as the Holy Spirit leads. IM global servants, staff and partners seek to embody the example of Jesus, who met the poor and marginalized where they were and brought life and love for all people.

Through all of these changes, IM seeks to honor those who came before—those whose labors for the kingdom of God form IM’s proud heritage—by carrying on their work into the next century of ministry. It is IM’s prayer that their legacy will live on through IM global servants and partners, both today and for many years to come.