Posted on April 17, 2019 Something from Nothing
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Dear Loved Ones,

Greeting. Please, let us present you Mrs. Jesula.  Madame Jesula is the area president of Women Ministries in Perches, Northeastern Haiti. She is also a women trainer.


Empowering women has been the focus of the women ministry since we arrived in Haiti.  For years Jesula has been part of the Women Association and we have been working with her as a trainer. She also is the women president in her church. Jesula has a certificate in kindergarten teaching.


Perches is a desert like village with no preschool for small children and no commercial activities. In spite of Jesula involvement in women ministries, she had nothing else to do. She could not use her training as a kindergarten teacher.  She wanted to move to a big city where she thought to find a job.

I encouraged her to stay in her village and use our many training to better her life. She did not understand what I was trying to tell her.


One day in very deceitful tone, she asked me What will I be doing with a teacher certificate in my village if I don’t move to the big city? Then an idea popped up in my head. I asked if she reads her Bible. She said yes. You have the answer. What do you have in your hands? She said nothing. I told her that she has the knowledge and she needed to use it. Then I explained what I meant. I took the example of Moises when crossing the Nile  river. God used his cane to divided to river. Use your certificate.


Today she has transformed her house into a school and has created jobs for some people. She is the one attracting people from Milot, Citadelle, and Cap-Haitian to go work in what used to be a desert. She always testifies about the impact of the women empowerment ministry in her life

When I visited the school I brought with me back packs, women purses, school supplies. What a joy to see that from nothing, Madame Jesula has become the school principal in a place that there was no hope at all.

Thank you for walking by our side and being part of transforming lives.


Kihomi & Nzunga