Posted on April 5, 2024 Some Shepherd and Sheep Stories 2024.4 Trout Newsletter
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There was a homeless man sitting on the side of the road near the tindahan. I then felt the Lord tell me, “I see him and know that you see him too. I bought a bunch of saging, walked over and knelt with the man with 4 pieces in hand. His name was Samuel. His thumbs were severed and he had an infected leg. People took the effort to avoid him. I ran out of words and all I could say was,

“The Lord sees you.” I walked away praying, “Oh God, why couldn’t I say more? Can you please use this as a seed in his life?” When I returned to my car and passed by him on my way home, I saw a woman offer Samuel a plate of rice to go with his bananas. I was so humbled. God is SO GOOD. I witnessed how He loved on His sheep.

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