Posted on November 3, 2023 Sharing the News with Every Land
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Look! I’m doing a new thing now it sprouts up; don’t you recognize it?I’m making a way in the desert,    paths in the wilderness.   Isaiah 43:19

Sharing the News with Every Land

Well, it’s been a whole year of home assignment! And now it’s over!!! I left for Hungary on September 19th and arrived safely. A lot has happened; I have met a lot of people and been to a lot of places. So, as a big highlight of my year in the states, I attended the Biennial Conference in Puerto Rico. It was enjoyable for sure, but the best part was the opportunity to chaperone young people who are mission minded and committed to following Jesus! The program is called emerging leaders and serves young people from age 16-29. I can’t recommend it enough.

I am most excited to say, my assignment has expanded and with a small change, well not so small. My new mission role is Regional Health and Education global servant for Europe, Middle East and Liberia. Now, that sounds big but let me explain. The geography matches that of my Area Director Rev. Charles Jones and allows me to continue with him as my manager. This is important because he has years of established relationships and working experience with each partner. This will be a great benefit to me in navigating my new responsibilities.

In Europe, through mutual agreement and excitement, I will return to Hungary, serving my beloved Pannonhalmi school community and Tabitha House. I will continue teaching English and working with children with special needs. I am excited that in my absence the school community has expanded. My head mistress (aka, principal) has been given responsibility for opening a secondary school for grades 9-12. The undertaking has come with renovating a new building. The good news is the building is opened and there is a 9th grade class. Additionally grades 4-8 have also been moved to the new building.

Since my last writing, and as part of the discernment process for this new role, I traveled to Liberia for the first time. It was my vision trip to meet the partners and learn about their ministries. I was able to meet Liberian people, experience the culture, and to see, feel, and smell the land. I was particularly drawn to one of the ministry partners, Ricks Institute which serves both day and boarding students. Please visit their website to learn more: I found myself excited about the newly renovated health clinic on campus and the young nurses eager to serve the students and the surrounding community. I felt the nostalgia of my early days in nursing as I listened to the enthusiasm of two young nurses. I am looking forward to making a return trip in January. I am hoping that together we will begin to lay the foundation for systems that will support good data collection, patient education and visiting medical/dental mission teams.

Here are some fun facts about Liberia:

1. Liberia is Africa’s oldest republic founded in 1821 and the second oldest Black republic in the world after Haiti.
2.Liberia was created for freed enslaved folks and was one of the only two African countries not subjected to colonialism. Although there are indigenous people living on the land before it was acquired.
3.Liberia is located on the west coast of Africa and is bordered by Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Cote d’Ivoire. It has a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean and covers an area of 111,369 square kilometers.
4.According to Liberia’s constitution, you must be Black to be a citizen

Please pray for:

1. My health and safety in this new assignment.
2. Please pray for my wisdom, discernment, and joy in this new assignment.
3. Pray for the leadership of both schools, Pannonhalmi and Ricks Institute.
4. Pray for the students as they are adjusting to this school



Serving with God’s gifts, grace and strength,Carmella