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Posted on June 12, 2024 Sewn with Love in Action…

Acts and Love in Action: BGsEtAl 2024June; Vol. XXIV Num. 12;
Sewn with Love in Action

Can you believe we are close to completing 24 years of international missionary service and will soon embark upon our silver anniversary? We have been sewn to many countries, churches, and siblings throughout this blessing. And, the ABWM of Indiana and Tell City FBC, literally sent us to Colombia sewn with love in action. How so? Read some more…

We had the blessing to share at the ABWM of Indiana Fall Conferences 2022 during our US/PR assignment. For three weeks, we traveled north, south, east, and west of Hoosierland sharing our gratitude for their long-standing love, prayers, and support while also being of encouragement to many of them who were meeting in person as associations for the first time since the pandemic. We were pleasantly surprised to arrive at the Laughery Association gathering and be welcomed to the precious sight of a room full of pillowcase dresses, shorts, underwear, and extras for the girls and boys in our countries of service. Another box was delivered directly to our home from our Tell City FBC sisters who had also sewn with love for these children.

Fall 2022 gave way to Winter and Winter to Spring 2023 and then Summer and again Fall 2023. It wasn’t until December 2023 that we were able to take with us those precious gifts to share with our beloved. We traveled to Colombia with 2 backpacks (one for Carlos and one for Mayra) and 4 carry-on suitcases full of these gifts sewn with love in action and with prayers for the girls and boys that would receive them. Though we had intended to send half of the carry-ons as checked luggage and the other half bring with us on board, the airline offered to take all 4 without extra cost. Sadly, when we arrived in Bogotá, one of the carry-ons didn’t make it with us. We were flying to Riohacha the following morning and to Cúcuta that next day in the evening. We made the claim and prayed that the lost suitcase would arrive to Cúcuta when we arrived there.

Our time in Riohacha was a blessing. The joy of our sisters at FBC Riohacha and our Wayuu siblings gave us much joy for the labor of love by our USA sisters. Two of the four carry-ons were delivered and they were going to share those gifts with the girls and boys in their own communities. We left to Cúcuta praying the lost suitcase would arrive with us. Not only was it arranged to be given in Cúcuta but it included an extra set of goodies that was to be given in Bogotá to another family in our list of blessed beloved. Once again the airline offered to take our carry-on as checked luggage so we could have more space within the cabin. We are glad that we did take them up on their offer. As we were waiting for our luggage, the lost one came out first! Had we not needed to check for luggage, we might have missed it. So, we now had the two we were delivering in Cúcuta for FBC Cúcuta and House of God BC; one of them with the extra goodies to be delivered in Bogotá. Throughout that Friday and Saturday, our Indiana sisters were praying with us that the lost suitcase would show up, and it did! Praise the Lord…

In the Summer, ABWMs around our churches also have conferences. In 2022 we had been able to stop by in Indiana on our way home from the World Mission Conference in Wisconsin. We pray this year’s Summer Conferences are a blessing and that many will be encouraged to continue sewing with love so many of us can share in action the love and prayers that go into all of these. God hears and answers our prayers. He is the One who provides! How else could we be completing 24 years of service?

Pressing toward the goal, “sewn with love in action”,
your BGs Et Al (

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A word from your BGs Et Al MPT’s Convener
Rev. Dick Sharber, Hamburg Baptist Church, New Jersey

Dear Mission Siblings,

From Indiana to Iberoamerica and the Caribbean. A lost coin? A lost sheep? A cause for rejoicing later. But a lost suitcase? Packed with kids’ clothing, 2,500 miles earlier? Carlos and Mayra look back on interpersonal and luggage highlights of the last few years of mission flights as they look ahead to this summer’s conferences.

We appreciate your sharing in this work of strengthening churches and reaching those further away. Prayers and encouragement and financial support (especially ongoing) all help sustain ministry.  Share this journal as you like among your congregation or network. And let us know if you have any questions or would like to be more actively involved in this international outreach.

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