Posted on May 29, 2020 Serving Those in Need…During Pandemic Times

It has been a very hard time, but God has been faithful. He has provided thru many ways during this time of pandemic and lockdown. One of them was thru donations and we were able to distribute more than 100 food bags. Our Partners in missions here in the Dominican Republic received these and distributed accordingly. Others were distributed by us to the communities.

Many families and communities were blessed with these food bags and hand sanitizer bottles. Serving these communities is seeing God’s smile in the children’s face thru their joy and happiness when they see us. It is a true blessing when you hear testimonies of families, hear their stories of faith and knowing that God is using us and this gives us hope.

Testimonies like the one from Pastor Marianna (picture above). She was struggling on how she was going to help her church community. She was praying for God to provide and bless them with food…minutes later I arrive with food for each family group and more! She was surprised to see me but was not surprise for what I brought because she knew her God will provide. It was great to see her and bless her and the church with food. God is good!