Posted on January 15, 2019 Ruth Fox to Serve as Global Coordinator for Education

Ruth Fox to Serve as Global Coordinator for Education

Benjamin Chan

January 15, 2019

Ruth served as a missionary in Thailand and then as a Regional Consultant for Education in Southeast Asia and Japan. I am very glad that Ruth was appointed as a Global Coordinator for Education effective February 1, 2019. In this role, Ruth is helping to coordinate the implementation of International Ministries’ (IM) goals for the ministry priority of education. As such, she is connecting with mission agencies, universities and churches in the USA, as well as traveling internationally to visit our global servants and educational partners to work together to identify needs and potential resources, provide encouragement and training, and to help develop networking with others. These efforts are made in collaboration with the Associate Executive Director for Global Mission and Area Directors.

“For many years IM has had a team of global consultants, persons with great expertise and experience in particular fields of ministry, who are not assigned to a particular geographical location but are available (and in great demand!) to IM partners and global servants world-wide for consultation, envisioning, and training,’ notes Jim Bell, IM’s Associate Executive Director for Global Mission. ‘I am excited that IM is adapting the very effective model of ‘global consultant’ to create the role of a ‘global coordinator’ so that we may more proactively work toward the organizational goals set forth in Responding to the Call.”