Posted on October 6, 2018 Rovaughna in Ghana: 2 Years in West Africa!

Dear Supporting Friends!

Do you know I have a favorite tree here in Ghana?  Pictures don’t seem to do it justice.  It’s pretty magnificent!  Commanding in its presence.  It catches my eyes most days when I’m at my desk in the BVTC Counseling Centre.  It must be over 100 years old.  All the other trees are simply dwarfed around it.  I remember spotting it during my first trip to Ghana, February 2016, for the Vision & Discovery Trip. I recall taking a picture of it then as well.

I believe our God is much like that tree.  Commanding in His Presence, sturdy, dwarfing all that is around yet refusing to shout for attention but rather simply … being. Waiting for us each day to acknowledge His Presence and Power.

Much has changed since that first trip.  Lord willing, I will soon celebrate 2 years of being in West Africa on October 26th! Though it wasn’t consciously planned, on October 22nd my Mission Partnership Team (MPT) and Core Volunteers will arrive and help me commemorate the 2-Year Anniversary!

I’m hoping my team, also serving as the Logistics and Discovery Team (LDT), will be the first of many Mission teams to follow!  The LDT will help lead the way by sharing in Ghanaian cultural experiences and serving with me up-close and in-person at BVTC.  They are bringing their spiritual gifts and skills through what we’re calling the “Bring Yourself Campaign.”

“Bring Yourself” uses the *Continuum Missions Model™ of uplifting these former Trokosi “wives of the gods” and students through S.E.W. (Sowing Empowered Women)** workshops ranging from building self-esteem, health and hygiene to understanding God’s love and Christian beliefs.   The Mission team will also learn skills directly from the students by participating in their vocational classes: Fashion & Design, Catering, Cosmetology and Batik tie-dye.  Also, as part of the team, Rev. Sandra Dorsainvil, IM Director of Short-term Mission will arrive to provide support and guidance.

Please keep us all–the girls, guys, staff, me and safe arrival of the team–in your prayers!


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**Due to logistical reasons, the S.E.W. Project of marketing student’s handmade wares aboard has been placed on hold