Posted on March 20, 2019 Roots & Light For Reaching New Heights
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This is a plant at my in-laws’ home, one that Brian’s Dad has been growing for a long while now. That which began as a tiny clipping transplanted into a new pot, is now one thriving vine! While there isn’t much natural light shining on this plant, it has seemed to keep on growing. At one point Dad received a UV grow-light as a Christmas gift to ensure it would continue. I’m certain that the controlled environment helps its success, with no major fluctuations in temperatures and no natural disasters to threaten its survival.  Of course any of you that share in our enjoyment of house plants know that for some you must contain the growth of the vines. There are many fun and creative ways that you are sure to find online, Dad’s was engineered by my sister-in-law from used metal hangers. I got the privilege to take over the weaving when it was time for Melissa to return home from her visit. It was all going so well,…
Until about a month back when I had stopped by and attempted another turn to weave the vine back down. So many times I had been able to easily thread it through. But this time without much pressure, the little vine wasn’t up for it. SNAP! Oh, was I shocked, embarrassed, and even dare I say a little sad. There it was, an open, seeping wound. Ouch! I had been entrusted to its care, a team effort, but non the less, responsibility. So much time spent ensuring its growth, with water, a special light, and a place to support its growth. Now, all in a flash, finished. Our plant project was now a complete failure!
…or was it?
No one was at the house and no one had witnessed the faux pas, would anyone even notice? I didn’t have this thought, rather I was trying to figure out how to reveal the devastating news to Dad. We know nothing good comes out of hiding in the darkness, surely the light will reveal all. Thankfully, he was quick to forgive and even brushed it off as no big deal. That certainly helped, but of course there was that feeling of guilt and failure that I had in the back of my mind. Poor plant 😢

It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I noticed and was surprised by the plant’s new growth. Not from the healed scar, but from a spot further down the vine near the break. I couldn’t help but smile at the pleasant surprise and the reminding of God’s goodness, yet another lesson from Him.

New growth despite the break.

In those times where we mess up, we take on too much, we make a mistake, all those times we try to do it all on our own and we forget to make sure our strength is coming from our Great Provider. He reminds us again and again, He is our strength, our guide, our healer. Certainly, in this instance it was just a plant. Though in my ignorance of plant knowledge, I thought for sure this plant would be over, done, dead, all because of me. How foolish of me to think that as much care and intentionally that God created not only me with, but all of creation, even the plants, that He wouldn’t have made a way.
This ‘break’ was an opportunity for new growth. Sure, it hurt! But it allowed for regrowth, new direction, and even a higher height that otherwise the plant may never have reached.
How much of this is like our own journey through life? We hope for that controlled environment, comfortable with all our needs being met, and expecting, even sometimes begging for changes to avoid us. I know that it is true of me.
This call God has on our family’s life to some might seem like an idea and an adventure that the four of us couldn’t be more excited and thrilled to be living out. Honestly, sometimes, correction, often it is just plain hard! It’s not comfortable and so many times we are going through things that we would never choose. But GOD! We have to remember that… but God! He always has the best planned for each of us and He knows everything there is to know, all that needs to be done and all that we need to go through. He is good, SO GOOD! He is faithful, SO FAITHFUL!
How are you doing as God’s plant? Are you staying in the light of the Son? You know it is the best place for you and the divine gardner will protect, nurture, and weave you. Allow Him. Remember to bask in the grace, mercy, and goodness that He extends to you always. You will never be too far gone for God to reach you, His hand is always there waiting for you to grab on, to protect you, to save you. Hold tight, stay rooted, drink deeply, and soak in the light.

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”Let your roots grow down deeply in Him, and let Him build you up on a firm foundation.  Be strong in the faith, just as you were taught, and always spill over with thankfulness.” -Colossians 2:7 (The Voice Translation)

Powerful quote from Lisa Bevere.