Posted on November 4, 2014 Rising to the Challenge at Kwai River Christian Hospital
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Trials and challenges are an inescapable part of this life alongside with pain. As John Piper quoted, ”Pain is God’s megaphone to rouse a deaf humanity.” Undergoing some sort of suffering is not easy how much more with regards to fighting for one’s life. The patients of KRCH hospital are going through a difficult phase in their lives and one of the great challenges that I have to surpass is to strengthen their faith and let them believe in the power of healing by sharing the Gospel with them.

I’ve witnessed the struggles of our patients and the ups and downs in the ministry for the past years. It is true that doubts and fears plague the human race and hit believers of Christ as has happened to some of our patients who believe. They were wrestling with doubt concerning their faith. It was great challenge for me on how to cope with these trials and tests. I knew from the start that for all the negative things and thoughts that I have, God has a positive answer. In times of confusion, in times when I’m running out of choices, I reminded myself of one thing – – talking to God changes things. I prayed to Him and claim all of His promises. It opened my mind and heart that God was never blind to my tears, never deaf to my prayers, and never silent to my pain. He heard and He delivered.

Most of the villages that surround the KRCH hospital are mostly farmers and small shopkeepers. Most of the patients who came to our mobile clinic to avail themselves of our free health services have no nationality papers and therefore are not eligible to use government health services. Both farmers and shopkeepers work so hard to provide for their family and it took a lot of courage for them to take some of their time to listen to God’s word. They had nothing in life except hope. I didn’t have all the resources to support their needs but through the help of the ministry and the extension programs of KRCH they were drawn closer to know God through evangelism and discipleship. On the Easter Sunday 3 of our TB patients that stayed at the TB house were baptized.

Hosting the volunteers and guest of KRCH is another part of my job.  It is fulfilling to make them feel that they’re not away from home. Working together as one family for God’s glory made the burden lighter especially when it comes to strengthening the patient’s faith and in terms of their healing and spiritual development.

I was touched as God provided patients with the ability and sense to show them every day how much they matter. They began to internalize that through us they felt God’s love and care that they were not alone in fighting for their will to live and to survive.

Thank you for supporting my ministry with your prayers.  Thank you to all who give to the World Mission Offering.  Your gifts make this ministry possible.  May God bless you.  Together we are the hands and feet to those in need.