Posted on October 18, 2023 Resources from the Emerging Leaders Cohort

The 2022-2024 Emerging Leader Cohorts have been busy working on two different resources for other young adults exploring the world of short-term missions.


The first resource is entitled “The Gospel Project.” The Connectors were assigned the Gospel of Mark, and the Trailblazers were assigned the Gospel of Luke. For this project, the cohorts were given the following two instructions.

This project intends to create space for these young adults to read, reflect, and uniquely interact with their gospel. Having the cohort think outside the box when interacting with scripture and learning how to work as a cohort to complete a given task.




Gospel of Mark by June Connectors 22′

Gospel of Luke by June Trailblazers 22′










The second resource is entitled “Living the Kingdom: A Leader’s Walk Through Discovering God’s Presence” and is an 11-day devotional for young adults serving on a short-term mission experience.


This devotional journeys with the individual for eleven days. The first ten words and three activities are based on the Beatitudes. The last word focuses on the process of re-entry once the individual returns from their short-term mission experience.






Living the Kingdom: A Leader’s Walk Through Discovering God’s Presence




Both resources and more can be found on the Emerging Leaders Resource Page.