Posted on May 23, 2022 Recognition of IM at CMC Kannigapuram Campus India

Mission Express: Recognition of IM at CMC Kannigapuram Campus India

Benjamin Chan

May 23, 2022


International Ministries (IM) has provided OGHS emergency and development grants to the Christian Medical College and Hospital and its development arm the US-based CMC Vellore Foundation to respond to the COVID impact and to develop new services and hospitals in strategic areas in India. IM also supports the Foundation’s effort “to reengage the faith-based community, with the underlying goal of deepening the collaboration between CMC and its U.S. Christian partners of varied denominations. The outcome of this donor cultivation effort was the receipt of nearly $1.2 million from the U.S. faith-based community. Putting this into perspective, there has been a 2,400% increase in charitable revenue received (from the church community) as compared to the end of 2018, when we first began our outreach to this known loyal group of donors.” (

To acknowledge IM’s support and contributions, the Foundation and CMC Vellore have decided to display the name of “American Baptist International Ministries” in the soon-to-open Kannigapuram campus. We praise God for the recognition and our long-time partnership with CMC Vellore, which demonstrates strong Christian witness via their profession excellence and caring spirit.

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