Posted on September 7, 2017 Receiving a Warm Welcome to the IM family
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“Welcome to the IM family” was a common greeting I heard when I was out at International Ministries offices in Valley Forge, PA in June for my Endorsement Orientation. Every time I heard those words a big smile would stretch across my face and my heart was filled with joy and gratitude! I am proud to be officially welcomed into the International Ministries family as a Global Servant to Bolivia.

That warm welcomed continued at the Mission Summit Biennial in Portland, OR. It was my first American Baptist conference as a newly Endorsed Global Servant and I was thrilled to be there! I had a wonderful time of reconnecting with American Baptist friends, colleagues, and meeting new ones.

Due to the amazing warm welcome that I received from the greater American Baptist family, I want to extend the warm welcome to my Mission Partnership Team. These individuals have committed to be my people and will help me build my Mission Partnership Network. We will be working over the next year to welcome more people and churches into partnering in ministry with me through prayer and giving.

Welcome to the IM family: Emily, Sarah, Betty, Kacie, MJ, Carolyn, and Mom!

Emily Kok
I met Emily in 2008 when we worked together at a paper arts store in Olympia and attended the same Bible Study. Emily’s love for children in the foster care system has been a beautiful thing to witness. Emily has a kind spirit, a big heart, and is an artistic geneous!
Betty Utter
I met Betty when I was a child at Olympia First Baptist Church, however, I really got to know her when we traveled together to Mexico City in 2016 as participants in the Training for Conflict Transformation Trainers. It was a training for peacemakers around the Americas that was facilitated by IM colleagues. She is the sweetest kindhearted person and I’m thankful that she is my team’s prayer advocate.
Carolyn Adams
I have known Carolyn ever since I was a child at Olympia First Baptist Church. She is very passionate about serving God and others. I was always encouraged by her when I first started going on short-term mission trips to Costa Rica. Carolyn brings her outgoingness, helpful spirit, and her accounting skills to the team.
Becky Nash
I met this amazing woman one early Saturday morning on May 2 in the 1980’s. She taughed me about Jesus and how to love others. She has been my rock, encourager, and role-model my whole life. She will bring all her love for me and others to the team. I call her mom, but you can call her Becky.
Rev. Sarah Strosahl Kagi 
I met Sarah in 2014 at the World Mission Conference. We became fast friends – it helps that we are basically twins. We got to know eachother better in Summer of 2016 at the World Mission Conference and in Tijuana when she was a co-leader to the Young Adult Immigration Immersion experience. Her passion for ministry and seeking justice for the marginalized inspires me to walk closer to Jesus.
Kacie Campbell and Marlon (MJ) Salamanca
Kacie and I met at Seattle Pacific University in a Latin American Christianity class. We became quick friends after discovering we both were Gringas with Latina souls and hearts for God’s people in Latin America. She brings her heart, energy, and organization skills to the team.

I met MJ through Kacie a few years ago after he moved to WA after seminary. We became friends over sharing stories about who can make the best Gallo Pinto (a popular dish both in Nicaragua and Costa Rica) and talking about theology and life. His heart missions and following Jesus has been very encouraging to me.

Kacie and MJ will make a good team as being co-conveners, afterall, they are legally becoming a team for the rest of their lives in October!

Prayer requests:

  • For safety as Sarah travels and speaks with churches and individuals.
  • For the the physical and emotional health of leaders of the House of Hope.
  • For boldness and faith to do all God has for us at House of Hope in Bolivia, and for the relationships built during this great journey.

I would love to share with you personally about my ministry in Bolivia. If you would like me to visit with you, your church, or Bible Study. Please email me