International Ministries

Chuck and Ramona Shawver

March 17, 2009 PrayerCall

Chuck and Ramona serve in the field of leadership training in partnership with the Baptist Seminary of Mexico and the Council of Indigenous Evangelical Churches of Mexico (CICEM).


They share: God is alive and well. We see Him in the faces of the next generation of leaders of the churches in the highlands of Chiapas, young people who cannot get enough of the Word of God. Last fall, Chuck was asked to teach two classes at the Seminary here in San Cristobal de Las Casas. One was a college-level class that was an overview of the entire Bible. The second was more of a beginners level class on Jesus and the Gospels. Chuck gave up sleep, food, and all creature comforts to prepare and give these classes weekly. We both ‘suffered’ through the birthing pains of developing these courses in a relevant and contextual manner for this particular student body.


As I look back over the past months, all of the paths are beginning to come together. The hard, hard work of presenting weekly coursework has steeped Chuck in the Bible and made the panoramic course more coherent. When young and old are hungry for God’s Word, taking notes, asking questions, begging for more, it is inspiring and energizing. When you experience the conversion of an entire family, a communion service where you run out of the elements because so many believers show up early in the morning to worship together and remember Christ’s suffering for them, churches with every wooden plank full waiting for a Bible workshop, only pausing for a simple meal and wanting more teaching, you know that you are living the Good News.


The needs are great. The poor always suffer when economies are shaky. Daily we are met with more physical needs than we can deal with other than to pray and to bring each person and need before the throne of grace: a pastor who needs a more adequate home, a family who has experienced an unfortunate accident that threatens their livelihood, a young man who is losing his eye to an infection that has not been treated, young people who need help in the next step of their education, etc. We are so grateful to you for your faithfulness and generosity.

·        Pray for Ramona and Chuck as they serve Christ in training leaders for God’s Kingdom and ministering in the name of Jesus in Chiapas, Mexico.