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Nanjing Seminary is Moving to a New Campus

March 10, 2009 Journal
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Seminary education in China begins at an undergraduate level. Nanjing seminary, where I teach, has both an undergraduate and a master’s degree and draws students from all over China, while the other 17 seminaries in China are regional and most have three-year programs, after which some students apply to transfer to Nanjing to complete a Bachelor of Ministry degree. Most of my students are undergraduates, but a few graduate students sometimes elect to join the Theological English class with the seniors or the Biblical English class with the juniors.

The seminary is now in transition as we move from a very small campus with around 180 full-time students in the city center to a much larger facility capable of serving 500 students in the midst of a university district on the outskirts of Nanjing.  It will take the seminary some time to increase faculty enough to reach that new capacity, but it is exciting that the seminary will be able to grow in that direction and train more and more pastors for the churches.  The move is also challenging, of course. You can imagine the work involved in moving an entire school campus. My apartment on the new campus isn’t quite ready yet, but they are working hard so that I can move in by our first day of classes for the second semester (March 23). After the move is complete I’ll be spending most of my time out at the new campus, teaching and living close to the students.  However, I will also spend a night or two a week in my “old apartment” in the city center because of my responsibilities at Amity and my commitments at a couple of the churches. My mailing address will remain the same for at least the next 1-3 months.