International Ministries

Mission trip to Hiroshima

July 30, 2003 Journal


This month's update is about the mission trip we at Kanto Gakuin High School just finished taking.  Kimoto sensei (Rev. Kimoto) and I, along with 13 students and 3 teachers, just got back from the Japan Inland Sea.  We ministered in three small islands in the area by doing children's programs at a day care and church, preaching at three different congregations, and doing cleaning and repair work at 4 sites.  The churches in the Inland sea are extremely small.  The largest of the congregations we served, Setoda Baptist Church, had about 15 regular attendees.  The smallest, Omishima Preaching Place, had 3.

The attached picture is of us visiting the Omishima Preaching Place--you'll see that it's a regular Japanese home!  Please lift up a prayer for the pastors of these churches in the Inland Sea.  It's a very hard place to be a Christian--traditional Shinto/Buddhist culture is deeply imbedded, and so the churches, small as they are, have patiently worked to establish credibility in their communities by providing nursery schools.  (To learn more about ministry in the Inland Sea area, see missionary Carolyn Predmore's journals.  She serves in this region every day!)

On the last day of our trip, we went to Hiroshima to ground zero of the atomic bomb blast--to the Peace Park.  The horrifying pictures and artifacts at the Peace Memorial moved us all, so before returning to Yokohama, we stopped and as a group shared a time of prayer in front of the Memorial flame.  What a trip!

May all of you have a rich and exciting summer, and thank you for your continued support of our ministry.

Yours in Christ,