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"I sent you into the world

October 16, 2005 Journal

, just as you sent me into the world" (John 17:18)

Greetings from Albania!

For me one of the most important messages of Jesus' ministry was his incarnation. The word became flesh. As a man he could understand us better and the chaotic world where we live. To leave heaven such an organized place and live in this world was not an easy mission. It could have said after his mission, by his own experience, drawn to the following conclusion: "the world is chaotic and evil and as such is better for you to limit your ministry to your local community (the church). That is going to save you a lot of trouble", but on the contrary he says: "I sent you into the world, just as you sent me into the world". Now being sent into the world, let's go out, beyond the walls of our congregation, and let's proclaim Jesus for this world in need.

News from the Church in Lezhe

God has been very gracious with our brothers and sisters in the church of the city of Lezhe. In everything we have seen God's care for each one of them. We see a dynamic and dedicated people in the work of God.ordination of Edmond Palucaj as the pastor of Kisha Baptist Lajmi i Mire – Lezhe

On August, 04, we had the privilege to do the ordination of Edmond Palucaj as the pastor of Kisha Baptist Lajmi i Mire – Lezhe (Good News Baptist Church – Lezhe). It was a very important moment in the life of the church. There have been present 20 missionaries and pastors from various denominations and many churches invited.

The church is very happy with his ordination and pride of the respect their pastor enjoys in the community for the good services he gives to it. Pray for Pr. Edmond and his wife Jonila Palucaj. Pray that the Lord will continue to give them strength to overcome difficult moments.

News from the Church in Tirana

Amongst many blessings we would like to single out two: The first is the Graduation Daygraduation of the first class in our development project to graduate in English at beginners and intermediate level. We were happy to give certificates to 12 students that have successfully finished the program. As you know the community development programs have as one of the goals to help us create relationships in the community so we can share Jesus in a more efficient way.

The other big news is the water baptism of three of our sisters, on October the 9th. Drita, Lida and Ines. It was a beautiful celebration. We had some of their From left to right Lida, Ines and Dritasiblings attending the service and they were amazed by the whole event. Pray for our three Albanian sisters that the Lord gives them grace as they serve him wholeheartedly.

The work amongst the gypsies

Apart from the literacy program, we opened a day care in their community and we have about 20 children. Through this ministry we have won the respect and love of the people. We do need financial sponsorship to keep this work open. Pray for a release of finances to this ministry.

The evangelism work is going very well. We are thinking of starting a congregation their soon.

Our family

We are all doing well. We praise God for his care and his mercy which renews every passing day. It is the reason we stand firm. We would like to thank you for all your prayers and financial support.

As you know we are in the World Mission Offering month. Please give generously, for you offering has helped people in Albania and around the world to get to Jesus Christ as their savior. We need you.

In Christ,

Jorge & Hermelinda Damasceno

ABC missionaries in Albania