International Ministries

Betsy and David Perkins

February 17, 2009 PrayerCall

Betsy and David Perkins serve God in India. Betsy is a nurse and ministers in various capacities at Kodaikanal International School (KIS). David serves as the Country Director for India Mission for International Ministries. He oversees the relief and development work, and gives support and encouragement to Baptist partners of the country. They are presently on U.S./Puerto Rico assignment.

David writes: Even while living in Ripon, Wisconsin this year on our U.S. assignment, our thoughts and prayers are often focused on India.  Betsy and I made a two-week visit to India in January.  We had the privilege of representing International Ministries at a celebration for one of our ministry partners.  Abundant Life Ministerial Associates, ALMA , serves a variety of needs in the area in and around Nellore, Andhra Pradesh, India.  The focus of ALMA’s work is its ministry to the Yanadi tribal people, who live along the shore of the Bay of Bengal, on the eastern coast of India.  These people and their livelihood were affected by the Tsunami of 2004. 
 The celebration included lots of singing, dancing, praying and preaching.  With over 500 people coming from different towns and villages, there was a lot of excitement and noise (and eating).  The festivities lasted 4 days. 
Betsy and I were each given the opportunity to bring a word to the Yanadi people.  It was invigorating to speak to a group so hungry for the Word.  We also participated in the graduation ceremony of the 30 evangelists and church planters who had completed the course of instruction and would be going out into the distant villages to spread the Good News to Yanadi peoples in remote places along the shore.  The last day was the highlight of our time there.  At a distant garden as the sun rose, 150 new believers were baptized.  I wish you could have seen and felt the joy as each person gave public testimony and committed their life to Christ.  It took a long time to baptize that many people, but we watched each one enter the tank and leave the tank renewed, an example for others to follow.  The baptism was followed by a communion service for the assembled crowd of about 300 people.
•    Please pray for the Yanadi people and the ministry of ALMA.
•    Pray for Betsy and David as they continue speaking in congregations in the U.S. and ministering with our ministry partners in India.