International Ministries

Partner with Me: Prayers & Pledges

February 5, 2009 Journal

Dear Friends,

Among a variety of ministry priorities, IM partners (national organizations, seminaries, congregations, etc.) in Latin America and the Caribbean are committed to equipping leaders for ministry through theological education. In the face of constant global change it has become increasingly evident that:

•  The vibrancy of holistic, faith-based ministries depends upon the availability of strong, relevant, and accessible theological education.

•  Seminaries and churches throughout Latin America and the Caribbean desire to identify models of theological education that best prepare clergy and lay people for today’s ministry demands.

In response to the current challenges in theological education, I have been invited by IM and partners in Latin America and the Caribbean to serve as coordinator of a regional assessment of theological education. My experiences serving in Chile, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Mexico provide cultural preparation and pre-established relational networks for the project as I:

•  Coordinate an assessment of theological education throughout the region

•  Consult with local and national leaders on unmet needs as well as leading edge programs

•  Facilitate a regional gathering to explore future directions for relevant, accessible and contextually appropriate strategies for equipping leaders

My ministry base for the next five years will be El Salvador. At the invitation of the Baptist Federation of El Salvador (FEBES), I am looking forward to putting my experience and passion for community development and equipping local leaders to use in partnership with local grassroots leadership and development projects initiated by FEBES.

In endorsing me, International Ministries has committed to providing the financial resources necessary to carry out the assessment project itself. With the assistance of my Missionary Partnership Team, I am building a network of churches and individuals that will commit to providing the prayer and financial support needed for IM to place me in El Salvador. Financial support covers my living expenses (salary, medical & retirement benefits) for the next five years which amounts to about $2,500 per month. 100% of the commitments received directly supports my participation in this ministry.

How does support raising work for new missionaries serving with International Ministries? There are several steps in the process.

•  Step I: Pledges for Support- As an endorsed missionary, only pledged amounts for future support are received (no financial gifts at this time). When  pledges equal 50% of my support goal, I move to the next step.

•  Step II: Preparation for Appointed Ministry- Pledges become effective, we will notify you of how to send pledged support. I receive salary and benefits from International Ministries. I continue to prepare for local and regional ministry projects in Latin America. When 100% ($30,000) of the financial commitments (pledges and/or gifts) for my first year of ministry is reached, I am ready for commissioning.

•  Step II: Commissioning and Relocation to El Salvador- First Baptist Church McMinnville, OR and IM will commission me to missionary service. Final orientations from IM and depart for El Salvador!

Would you consider joining my network by offering a pledge to IM for my ongoing support? Please let us know of your desire to support this ministry by completing a pledge card. Click here for PLEDGE CARD. All gifts are tax deductible and can be made through International Ministries or your local ABC church.

I know that you share my excitement as I engage in a project which will empower local theological educators to develop stronger, more accessible, transformative strategies for equipping leaders throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

Thank you for your prayers and interest in these exciting ministry partnerships!