International Ministries

Kim Brown

January 20, 2009 PrayerCall
Kim's work in Thailand includes overseeing Christ-like ministries for tribal people who are coping with the problems caused by AIDS, disabilities, and migration from their traditional villages to urban slums. Lack of land and employment has forced people from rural areas to cities to find work. They are often exploited on the job and are at risk for being infected with the AIDS virus. The Thailand Karen Baptist Convention sponsors these ministries.

Praise Points:

•    What a wonderful Christmas season we had celebrating Jesus in lots of different ways.  One of my favorite events is the House of Blessing daycare Christmas party for all the children and their families.  Over 220 people gathered at our office for a program put on by the children followed by a simple luncheon.  Some of the graduates of the daycare program came for the event.  My heart is so joyful to see how these children are succeeding in the Thai school system.  Eleven of the students have won awards for achievement this past year.
•    Some of the House of Love (HOL) children who are studying violin, keyboard, and guitar were able to be in a special Christmas concert on Dec. 21.  Music is such a wonderful way to worship God, and the children did wonderfully.  I love hearing their progress.
•    I was able to be in Mae Sariang for the Center for the Development of People with Disabilities (CDPD) Christmas pageant.  I don’t think there were ever more convincing angels than the girls in that program.  What a delight to see these children with special needs be able to enjoy being on stage, and being able to proclaim Jesus.

Prayer Points:

•    The HPTP staff is now working on collecting baseline data that is necessary for directing our work.  Please pray for safety in travels.
•    One of the House of Blessing Daycare teachers, Khru Rae, gave birth 3 months early, and her child is now in the special care nursery.  Please be praying for K. Rae and her family during this stressful time.
•    The final bits of the building project are being done on the house and kitchen—please continue to pray that everything finishes in good time.  The children are so excited as they see the progress they can hardly wait!
•    I am so grateful I can return to Florida to celebrate my mom and step-father’s 50th wedding anniversary.  All 7 of us children will be with them, which will be a special time.  Please pray for safe travels and good health as I spend this time with family.