International Ministries

Return Engagement

January 6, 2009 Journal

  Happy New Year!
  Chuc Mung Nam Moi! 

I am headed back to Vietnam this week, eager to spend time again with the inspiring leaders of the Baptist Churches of Vietnam.  I can't wait to hear their stories of how God is moving in their midst.  A lot has happened since my visit a year ago.  I am eager to learn what kinds of new doors and new challenges they are encountering as they build upon 33 years of life as an underground house church movement and now enter fully into the public square as an above-ground legally-recognized religious body.

It will be exciting to explore Scripture with them again, and to hear what kinds of things they have found most useful out of what we did together a year ago.

A special treat this time is that I am not traveling alone.  Rev. Dr. Alan Selig is coming along with me.  Alan is a pastor and theological educator with deep experience and a wonderful way of encouraging and drawing people out.  He is the pastoral leader on my own Missionary Partnership Team, and I can't wait to see him at work with Vietnamese pastors, helping them to reflect on and grow from the kinds of experiences God is giving them!

Please pray for our trip to Vietnam, January 9-17.  Join us in thanking God for the powerful work of the Spirit through these dedicated folks and in asking the Lord that our own efforts will be guided by that same Spirit.  We want to learn from our Vietnamese sisters and brothers how the Lord is calling them into the future and how we outsiders can best respect and serve what God is leading them to do and be.  It is a great privilege to have even a tiny part to play in this amazing story.

Thanks for all of the prayers and gifts through which you enter into this exciting opportunity with us!