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Season’s greetings from the Nelsons in retirement

December 21, 2008 Journal

 We are listening to the sounds of silence.

“Be still and know that I am God”

(Ps. 46.10)

“Great ideas, it has been said,                     

come into the world

as gently as doves.

Perhaps, then, if we listen attentively,

We shall hear amid the

uproar of empires and nations

a faint flutter of wings,                 

a gentle stirring of life and hope.”            

              Albert Camus                

Let us hear truths

whispered in stillness

as did Elijah as he waited

for word from the Lord.

 (I Kings 19.12)

As we pause in our work life, in God’s grace, we are digesting and reflecting on meanings of our experiences.  We are attempting to still our souls as we un-busy our lives.  As we unpack our storage unit, out comes an avalanche of memories. Slowly beauty emerges as we arrange our gallery of furnishings, arts and photos in the home where our children were raised.  We are blessed to have this time of silence.  We realize that it is a luxury of peace and security.  Keeping silent when there is injustice roaming the streets of our world can mean assent to evil. We are not to keep silent regarding violence. Knowing when to speak to whom, how to speak truth in love, and when to keep our mouths shut—that is the quest

Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.      (St. Francis of Assisi)

In vulnerability, simplicity and relative silence, God entered the world as baby Jesus. The Lord inaugurated His Kingdom on earth in a radically different way than the traditional elaborate and costly manner of inaugurating our new president.

YEAR IN A NUT-SHELL:  Jan-June many travels speaking about our experiences in DRCongo.  July-August: Travel in N.E. USA, Canada and 5 countries in Europe (for ministry and celebrating 40 years of marriage!)  Sept-Dec:  Settling into home in Ventura; tending to health (including water aerobics, biking, walking); appreciating the arts (films, opera, cd’s, literature); continuing contact with old and new friends and projects in DRCongo and Togo; enjoying family & friends here in the USA!.

Speaking of family, here’s an update.  KENT is still nearby working as engineer with Catalina Yachts. His move to Florida has been postponed until??  We are pleased by his gentle spirit, responsible nature, and healthy life-style as he lives lightly on planet earth!

KIM and Jason Iehl have had their dog-parenting skills tested as they added a second Weimaraner puppy.   Both continue to advance in their careers in the high-tech domain—Kim is now the Director of Public Relations with Data Direct Network. The Iehl’s have generously shared many items and much expertise to help us get equipped for re-entry into “civilization.”  Their generosity extends to non-profits who shelter and find homes for pets.

TAELOR and Mike Patno are sporty and enjoying life caring for their aging dog Dakota.  Taelor accepted a job as controller for the Sacramento department of Hines Management Co.  Mike, in accounting also, has transferred to a new division with the CA State Franchise Tax Board. Both love entertaining friends and family around their beautifully landscaped pool.

Join with us in prayer and work for liberty and justice for all.   

We send our love to you.  Shalom,


We effectively silence Jesus by putting Him on a pedestal and worshiping him, thereby excusing ourselves from living in His Way.  (paraphrase of Clarence Jordan)


Virgil and Lynn Nelson        To order DR Congo arts/crafts:

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(This is the final missionary journal from Lynn and Virgil Neslon.)