International Ministries

Annie and Jeff Dieselberg, Thailand

December 21, 2008 PrayerCall

DieselbergjefAnnie works with NightLight Design Co. Ltd., a business-as-mission, which employs and empowers women affected by the sex trade in Bangkok. Jeff teaches urban ministry with a team of Thai pastors at three Bangkok seminaries and is a chaplain at NightLight.

Annie writes: We are so grateful for your prayers. Sometimes the battles can feel overwhelming but your prayers and encouragement sustain us. We know that so much of the fruit we have the privilege of seeing firsthand comes about so frequently because so many of you are faithful in prayer.
•    Praise God for a wonderful retreat and the baptism of four women and one man.
•    Praise God for the safe return of little First to his grandmother and to us.
•    Praise God for more deliverances and healings that have taken place this past month.
•    Praise God for our new building and the expansion of space.
•    Praise God for the three women from Turkmenistan and Tajikistan who came to be with us and minister to the women trafficked from Central Asia.

Prayer Requests:
•    Pray for an increase of jewelry orders for the Christmas season. Our funding for the volunteer housing, shelter, children's center and church facilities runs out in December.
•     Pray for grants to make it possible to rent the two buildings this next year.
•    Pray for divine strategies with the women from Central Asia for continuation of what was begun. It is very difficult for them to do this kind of ministry in their countries but very much needed.
•    Pray for the women trafficked from Uganda and East Africa. One of them is the granddaughter of a pastor and most of the women are Christian. One woman called after me to pray for her. I went back to pray and asked her how I should pray. She said for peace and happiness. I said, "That must be very difficult with this work." She answered me, "Every morning when I see the sun come up, I pray to God, 'Please stop this work! Why do I have to sell my body?" Pray for solutions, networks, resources, and divine strategies.
•    Pray for "P" who had the beautiful encounter with Christ that she will continue to grow in freedom even though her boyfriend abandoned her.
•    Pray for the new believers at NightLight. Too often, they go through spiritual attacks that discourage them. Sometimes other women who are not believers say things to discourage them or cause them to fear. Pray for the women who are stirring up such divisions and fear that they too will know the freedom on new life in Christ.
We thank you so much for the prayers and support. We pray that your hearts will be filled with gratitude for all that God is doing. We are grateful and pray God's blessing on you.