International Ministries

Jan and Larry Martin, Thailand

December 16, 2008 PrayerCall
Jan and Larry have a rural-based ministry in a small town in Northern Thailand. The population of this town is almost 100 percent Buddhist. There is a small and growing Christian group there that the Martins help to nurture through fellowship, praise, preaching and teaching. Their desire is to reach out and serve their community.  The Martins are involved in the lives of the people to whom they minister in as many ways as possible and use the relationships they build to witness to the love of Jesus Christ.

They write: The church at Ban Sra is doing well with four of the members taking a turn at leading the Bible study.  We hope to have them doing another round of teaching soon and pray that it will be a blessing to them as they take on new roles.

Farming is an important economic and social event. The rice harvest is particularly important to our neighbors, who work for each other rather than alone. Larry jumps in when he has no other commitments. Loi grating is another event the whole community gets in on. For this year’s parade, villages were asked to make their floats out of natural materials. Asking forgiveness of the river spirit is the original reason for the festival. We have redesigned our floats to show our allegiance to Jesus. The cross reminds us that we are forgiven, the candle shows that Jesus is the light of the world, and the incense represents our lives given as a fragrant offering to God.

Prayer Points.
•    Praise God that we have been able to get some help and advice for some of the community folk with disabilities.
•    Pray that God’s love will be obvious as we spend time with these families.
•    Pray for the political situation in Thailand, that a solution will be found quickly.
•    Praise God that the Smiths found a house here in Ban Luang. Pray for them as they study Thai this month and prepare to move here at the end of the month. Pray, too, for their work permit application.